Of hope, extinguished

In the flames of tomorrow –

The ashes of the future engulf

All that remains of humanity.

Nothing quite seems the same,

Not yesterday, not today, not

Ever. After

The white consumes –

Loss is all that prevails.

Bright, blinding light,

Followed by a silent roar

As everything the radiance touches is swallowed


Looming in the stagnant air

Is the threat – threat that

Echoes across the landscape, as the poisonous mushrooms

Expand… Infecting the population.

The innocents – Children, women, men

Will all walk unbeknownst

Into the trap;

Consuming. Believing the promises

Of sustenance; freedom; peace.

All that remains of humanity

Are the ashes that engulf the future -

Tomorrow the flames will



It will end

As it began;

With a white light –

Trembling, devastating, shattering