Nathan's POV

I felt the itch for some nicotine so I took out a pack and shook one out. Shoving the cig into my mouth, I reached for my lighter. It caught the flame and I leaned back. Leila was watching me impassively. I blew a puff of smoke into her face.

She didn't even blink.

"Not going to tell me to stop smoking?"

"If I did, would you?" I knew there was a heart somewhere under that poker face.

"It's my lungs. I could do whatever the hell I want with it."

"Actually, you're more likely to get heart disease... and hair loss..." My hair? I reached up to touch my raven locks. I loved my hair. "... and premature wrinkles..." Wrinkles?! Not my beautiful face!

Lei's POV

I mentally smirked. He was vain. I knew how much he loved his hair and face. I'd seen him smoothing his hair into place and spending who knows how long staring into the mirror.

If Jenn wasn't so persistent about her friends and her boyfriend getting along, I wouldn't have known so much.

This was a little payback for taking up my sleeping time. That'd teach him to think twice before picking up a cancer stick.

Besides, if Jenn was really serious about this guy, she'd be devastated when he gets sick.

He was too busy feeling sorry for himself to notice that he dropped his cigarette. There was a small flame spreading near his hip.

I should just let him burn, I thought as I leaned over to grab the water bottle on the table. I glanced at him. He was completely oblivious. The end of the water bottle went up and it became just a bottle.

"What the hell?!" He glared at me and I had no intention of explaining. Too much work.

"How are my favorite guy and girl do—why are you wet?" I pushed myself off the ground. Since Jenn was here, there was no need for me to be here. I walked off as Jenn's laughter floated through the air. I smiled. That guy was good for something.

It's been weeks since Dan kicked me out of his house. He eventually found out that I couldn't tell Gabriel. How could anyone want to hurt that soft-hearted teddy bear? I'll let Dan figure it out on his own how to break it to Gabe. I didn't know why the idiot's so worried. Gabe loved him.

Entering the house I shared with my... friends (I guess that's what they are), I was immediately mauled by my older brother. "Aww... How's my cute little sister?"

A twitch of my eyebrow was the only indication that I was annoyed. Lemmy completely ignored it, so I had to use words. "Let go. And I'm not cute."

"Of course, you are," Terry, Lemmy's boyfriend, said as he ruffled my hair. I didn't even hear him come in. Lemmy was too much of a distraction. Stupid Lemmy.

With the exception of Lemmy, no one called me cute and got away without paying for it. I kicked him. Terry fell.

Lemmy chuckled. "Beaten by a seventeen year old." The mirth was wiped off his face as Terry groaned. Lemmy immediately dropped to his knees. I headed toward my room, listening to Lemmy murmur, "Poor baby..."

They were both twenty-seven, but they acted like damn kids.

I was almost in the safety of my room when I felt an arm curl around my waist and pull me to the body it was connected to.

"Sofi's coming. Help me," Aimee breathed. I just wanted to sleep.

"You guys had a fight?" It was either that or she wanted more attention from Sofia.

"Just let me hold you for a while."

"Don't get me involved in your lovers' spat." Sofia was the jealous type.

"What the hell are you doing to my girlfriend?!" Too late. Sofia ripped Aimee from me and hugged her to her side. She shot me a death glare.

"You know I don't swing that way." Sofia huffed and stormed away with Aimee tucked in her arms.

Now, I could finally take my long awaited nap. I closed the door, locked it, and put a chair under the door knob for good measure.

"I've never seen you put so much effort in doing something." I turned around and there was Max sitting on my bed, munching away on chocolate.

My chocolate.

Third person POV

Heads shot up as a scream cut through the air.

"Did you hear that?" Sofia brought her head up for air.

"Nope." Aimee pulled her head back down.

Lemmy paused in cooing over his "poor baby." Terry pouted. He groaned again. Lemmy turned his attention to his boyfriend, completely forgetting about the scream.

Jenn's eyes widened. "That came from the house." She tried to stand up, but Nathan caught her hand.

"That was a figment of your imagination." She eased back into his arms.

"If you say so..."

No one came to rescue Max as he was attacked by Lei for eating her precious chocolate.

Let this be a lesson to you. Don't touch other people's chocolate... and get caught.

Lei's POV

My knuckles still stung. I sank into my bed, finally alone. They annoyed the hell out of me, but I had to admit they'd grown on me. I wouldn't have them any other way. I sort of missed their antics while I was away. It was hard to get used to silence after living with those idiots.

It was good to be home.