It was not good to be home.

Why on earth did they all have to be in my room? I flopped back on my bed in despair. Glaring at them didn't work at all. They'd been trying to convince me to be more social for the past twenty-five minutes.

Twenty-seven, I corrected as I glanced at the clock.

Lemmy was crying about how his "cute little sister" just had to go to some party. I would have kicked him if he wasn't Lemmy. Terry's eyes were shooting daggers at me for upsetting his love. If looks could kill, I'd be dead a thousand times over. But then Lemmy would kill Terry for causing my death.

Cassie and Aimee were tearing through my closet, throwing out clothes. I shifted slightly to the side to miss being smacked in the face by a navy blue t-shirt.

Glenn was silently standing in a corner of the room, just being here for Cassie while Max was clutching his stomach, laughing his ass off. I threw a book at him.

Luke was somewhere off to my right, bouncing in place and chirping about how much fun it'll be. He was way too cheerful this early in the morning. I shoved a pillow on my face to tune him out.

It wasn't working.

Sam was holding my wrist and trying to pry me from my bed. I wouldn't budge.

Sofia stood by Aimee, looking very amused as the last of my clothing flew by her. "Don't you have any good clothes?"

I was too tired to scowl at her, but I did push the pillow off my face. I enjoyed breathing, thank you very much. "I don't judge what you wear."

She smirked, flicking her hair over her shoulder. "That's because I look hot."

I opened my mouth to snap at her.

"This is hopeless! We NEED to take you shopping," Cassie exclaimed.

My eyes widened in horror. I looked around for help, only to find that all the males had fled the room. Well, all the males except for Lemmy. Smart bastards. They knew how Cassie and Aimee were when they went shopping.

I knew how they got when they went shopping.

I backed away as Sofia came at me with an evil grin.


A cacophony of squeals went up as we walked (well, they walked and I was being dragged) by yet another outfit that Cassie and Aimee thought was cute. My ears were bleeding. Sofia snickered at my misery.

Lemmy wasn't any better. He was pressed against the glass, staring longingly at the clothes.

What was so great about cloths sewed together?

Hands grabbed me as they dragged me into the store.


"Please," Aimee begged with sad, teary eyes.

"No," I said firmly as I glared at the dress in her hands. I didn't want to wear a damn dress.

"Lei." My eyes swiveled over to Cassie and saw the chocolate she was holding.

I followed her like a puppy into the fitting rooms.


They bought the dress.

I snuck away while they were drooling over a shirt. Glancing back, Sofia's eyes connected with mine. A look passed between us. She was going to let me go. She knew how I felt because she felt the exact same way, but she stayed for Aimee.

I faded into the crowd before it was too late.

About a good six miles away from them, I stopped and look around at my surroundings.

I froze.

Looks like my past caught up with me.