The mind does the thinking,

But it's all from the heart,

Just a reverie of things that never could be,

A trust in someone who shall never fully exist,

But just the thought of them brings me pleasure.

In a faraway place, I give a simple smile,

Moreover, the smile occurs in actuality too,

A place filled with laughter, and silliness, and joy,

As I wish for a just single smile back home.

My song of merriment and high spirits.

While a song of heartbreak plays on earth,

A place where I can be my true self,

A blissful place where I can escape,

From the misery that is dragging me down.

Foolish, some people would call it.

Having hope in things that will never happen.

I keep it all carefully concealed within.

In hope that one day, the impossible is possible.

And the sun breaks apart the clouds,

And people realize who I really am.

But for now I shall keep my dreams inside my heart,

Safe from darkness, hurt, and pain,

And the cold, hard, truth threatening, to take it all away.