"Hey Lexi!"

I turn around. "Oh, hi Hannah. How are ya?"

"Not bad, you?"

"Fine. So what are we doing for P.E.?"

"Don't know don't care."

That is how usually days in my life started- first period P.E. But that day was the day I became famous.

Let me restart. I am Alexandra Philipova. But everyone knows that I'm Lexi, that I'm from Russia, and that I can beat up any boy in my class ( even though I'm like a year younger than everybody) What people don't know is that my last name is the same as the Russian Royal familys', which was all killed, bodyguards. But let's make sure that the school doesn't find out about that, shall we, cause I think that the sophomore class of my school has enough juicy gossip about me. Like the fact why no one knows if the most famous girl at our school has a boyfriend or not? Or… well let's get back to the story.

It turned out we were playing soccer. I was dribbling the ball down the court when I heard some one say "Russian spy." I scored that goal, turned around and answered, "And proud of it."

That was my first mistake (or whatever you decide to call it after you've read the book).

As soon as I said that everyone went silent. I started to walk away and immediately heard the whispers. I knew this was going to be all around school in a matter of days.

A couple of weeks passed and it was a week before Christmas break. We were having a test on how well you memorized the preamble of the constitution, and with my luck I was stuck with 3 boys. Well of course on of them asked "Lexi do you have a boyfriend?" And I being the queen of mysterious answered "Yes, he is a Russian billionaire, but for security reasons I'm not allowed to tell you his name or how I met him or really anything else."

That was my second mistake.

Chapter 1 "Fates, you hear me, it was a JOKE!"

Me and my parents Elena Philipova and Dmitry Philipov and my little sister Clover have just got of the plane in Moscow, Russia, wear we were spending our winter vacation visiting family, like our uncles' and grandparents' places.

We were kindly greeted right out side the ramp by two bulky guys. They were wearing black uniforms that were kinda ok and had absolutely ugly crew cuts. They also had these amazing black combat boots that I, as soon as I saw them, wondered if they had them in women's size 8. These people walked up to my parents and started talking to them and the weirdest thing is that my parents seemed to be totally expecting this. I walked over to my mom and asked "who are they?" My mom quickly glanced away and said "Lexi look after your computer. This was like way weird, cause my mom never asked me to do that before, because my computer is like my life!

These "men in black" (what I decided to call them) talked to mom and dad some more and then turned to me.

"What is your name?"

"Lexi, sir" I answered

"Full name"

"Alexandra Dmitrevna Philipova, sir"

"How old are you?"

"Fifteen, sir"

The guys seemed to be satisfied with my answers, and so took us through a special door, down a corridor though another couple doors and stuffed us in to the back a black limo. (I guess that black is their favorite color). The weirdest thing is that they made us skip all the procedures and they already had all of our baggage.

I decided it was time for some answers. But Clover got there first

"Mom why are we in a back of a limo?"

"Mom, why did these people made us skip all the lines?"

"Lexi" Wow my mom actually sounded tired. That got me. I dropped the subject. So I started pestering the people up front, the "men in black".

"Where did you get those shoes?"


"Where are we going?"


"Who are you?"


"Did you know you are practically worse than my dad at talking?"


After like 20 minutes I gave up on the talking and just sat back, and just died of boredom couple times in the back seat.

In an hour we got there. Wherever there is.

The "men in black" lead us into a mall. It was big and awesome and had all my fave American stores. It was a beautiful site in the middle of Moscow

"Yay," i started jumping. "I wonder if they accept american debit cards?" I asked out loud.

"We are not here to shop": one of the men said.

"Wow," I jumped back, "you guys talk!"


"I guess that is an once a year occasion!"

For the rest of the way I was totally silent, which was a ginormous achievement, because a honest to goodness mall that my parents are allowing me to go to is really a big deal. We went inside the 5 story mall and went to the elevators.

"Great idea, we'll tackle the mall from the top down."

"We are not going shopping." My dad said

Now this was a big deal. My dad is six-eight, tall and silent kind of person. So when he speaks it is either something every important or very intelligent. Now when he said we are not going shopping, he meant we are not going shopping.

"Then what are we doing at a mall?"

"Grunt" typical

We went into the elevator and on of the guys pulls out a card and slides it into a slot. An electronic voice popped up and asked "Password?" the dude typed something in and pressed a button.

The elevator jerked and went crashing down below the mall. We sped down like four stories before we came to a halt.

"Where in the world are we?" I asked.

We stepped out of the elevator we were i a gigantic hall where girls about my age and grown-up in black were milling around. There was the smell of fresh cram of mushroom soup in the air.

"Where is the dining hall?" i practically jumped at the goons that were leading us, "i haven't eaten sense the plane."

"You will dine after you meet director D" On of the men answered.

"Director who?"

"Grunt" Well duh.

One of the "men in black" opened a door and we again turned out in a long hall. at the end of the hall were a pair of double doors. We walked through them and we were in a gigantic office. The office was grand, with all matching antique wood furniture with intricate designs, cream colored wall paper, and an enormous library with titles like The best way to disarm a man and Weapons from around the world . The most interesting things were the diplomas that were hung up on the back wall. This "director D" has finished the Blackthorn School for Boys, got a diploma in espionage and has a killing license that looked real. And the weirdest thing is that my parent looked totally calm like they were sending me to a camp.

Then this person walked in. He was wearing a black and white Etro shirt with a black suit. The "men in black" stood at attendance and saluted.

"Sir, this is she, sir."

He answered camly, "Good, thank you. You may now go take a break, go eat some soup or something."

"Sir, thank you, sir"

Then I piped in "Can I eat some soup, sir"

He looked up at me and asked, "You must be Lexi, right?"

"Yes I am, now when can I get something to eat?"

"honey," my mom commented, "don't be rude. This is director D, he will be overseeing your training and he is the director of operation peacock. Now be nice"

I did a double take, "My WHAT?"

"Your training," D started, "for the next week you are going to be training in the art of espionage here at the Nighthawk facility. If you pass your course you will get your diploma, and become one of us."

"Whait, mom dad you knew about this and you didn't tell me?"

"Honey," my mom started, "me and dad are also spies, we quit 16 years ago when I found out we were going to have you, but now when you are of age …"

". . . Of age for what? To become a spy!" I snaped

"Exactly!" director D exclaimed, "Now let's get you settled in shall we?"