If I were to walk right out, right out there in the cold, what would await me? Will there be ferocious creatures, wild monsters, or should I expect golden stars and brilliant riches? I've never been out there—there, with the sprawling trees and stretching fields. I've never touched the white of the clouds and I've never breathed the sweetness of the flowers. I've never felt the knife of the cold in my throat nor have I ever walked on the rough of the terrain.

So that's why I'm asking you to come with me. We could bring along our backpacks filled with water and a snack, and we'll roam the Earth hand in hand. We'll keep each other warm with heavy coats and toasty fires that took way too long to start. In our minds we'll have ignorance, but we'll fill it like a scrapbook with every part of the Earth we stumble across. We'll have struggles but we'll protect each other. You'll catch me when I fall and I'll pick you up when you do. There'll be nothing that could ever tear us apart, ever.

And that's what we did. We walked every bit of the Earth and we mapped it with our mark. We touched all four corners of this little world and our fingerprints will never fade. With every strewn bread crumb and every ember of a dying fire, we took another step forward. We can finally call this world our own. Now I know what will await me when I walk into the cold. Now I know that the cold won't be anymore, because I'll find you and you'll find me. That was all we've ever wanted, ever.