Flying must be wonderful. To soar openly among the solar rays I can only imagine to be three parts passion, one part placidity, and a pinch of innocent elation. To aviate after a lifetime of confinement must be a refreshing breath. Imagine being able to circumnavigate our little round planet, being able to take a quick look at all it has to offer. Even city smog might have an opportunity to appear phenomenal at such objectivity. It would make you wonder if the aliens are jealous.

I think the ultimate wish is to fly. Not necessarily fly as in taking to the air, not necessarily to sail the other blue, but to heighten in a more subtle, subliminal way. To rise above all mortal worries, sadness, humiliation, and stress must be an indelible aspiration for everyone. Just to metaphorically free-fall, with or without company, in this deaf and blind vastness would be reaching nirvana.

Because that's just how humans are. Even the most ardent achievers wouldn't be able to deny endless peace and all around perfection doesn't sound like paradise. To humans, the finish line is peace. To reach heaven, nirvana, paradise, enlightenment, is the reward given by religions because nothing will lure a human in more effectively than the promise of infinite serenity. Because to fly higher than the dense murk of biological and moral inefficiency is reaching the goal. To fly above humanity is to win the race.

I think what we forget is humans are humanity. I think we've forgotten if we want heaven, nirvana, paradise, or enlightenment, then we've got to build it. Regardless of whatever happens after your heart stops, our life is now. Humanity complains of morality as we grab the remote when an animal shelter commercial comes on. We complain of eating disorders as we belittle those with an unhealthy weight. We complain about the lazy, the stupid, the poor, but we never complain about ourselves.

Most of us can't be Superman. We can't all be leaders, and I know we aren't. To simply write a little blurb to share with the world is taking a step. To casually put back the shirt you took off the rack at the department store is taking a step. To simply not say something mean is taking a step. To care a little bit more is a step. Because I think it's smarter to improve humanity than to escape it.