"String me a lantern and I'll marry you," I murmured to the dark haired boy.

He removed his toned arm from my rigid shoulders. The night was calm, like the ignorance before an epidemic. He didn't move, causing the sound of my voice to be magnified with every second of silence. His coffee brown eyes were torn with annoyance, and I watched his eyelashes carefully flutter as he rolled his eyes.

"Don't be stupid," he said, the condescending tone in his voice all too evident.

I turned my head, and the action caused the sickly sweet scent of my shampoo to give rise from the soft billows of my hair. I felt the aroma envelop the tense emotions. I stared at the prickly grass we were sitting on and wondered about the people who have been among them before us.

I thought about how as night fell sneakily with the orange sky its only warning, I had managed to end up cradled in the softness of his arms. His sly humor had made me laugh in school many times, he gently teased me all too often, and would occasionally go out of his way to greet me, but I had always recognized that he was preoccupied with other matters and other people. So, nothing surprised me more than when he winked and asked me for a dance beneath a string of lights.

He's the only one capable of entangling my emotions among each other with no intentions of ever being properly sorted out ever again. But then, suddenly, with no preface whatsoever, the storm hit just as quickly as the sun did earlier. I realized this when I looked into the bright umber of his eyes several hours later and I saw indifference. The curiosity and playfulness of earlier had misted away, leaving behind dark apathy.

"Alright," I finally replied in a careful voice.

Days went on and things remained the same. He still eased out my laughter and taunted me lightly. He still nudged me shyly with the same smirk on his face. It eventually became apparent to me that he'd chosen to disregard our encounter from the very beginning. It became apparent how he'd treated our connection so lightly and it made me realize how I'd treated it so lovingly.

But in the end, that night with him finally showed me how I saw flames where there were only ashes.