Bay's songs bring green in even the bluest birds. His laugh surpasses gold. His eyes shine more vividly than fifty lanterns and his smile floats me out to sea. He brings a fire in my heart and an ice in my body, but promptly melts it with his beautiful eloquence. His happiness lights fireworks in my eyes. Bay sees with a shade of love, and he loves with a shade of forever.

Bay's humor brings a dimple to my face even when my heart restrains it. His straight, white teeth show in a smile that makes a god seem plain in comparison. His smile, the most beautiful part of him, is the part that's like honey. It melts my cold and the sugar of it binds me to him. His simple expression of happiness wreaks havoc with the force of a million bombs in my heart. Bay's smile is indescribable, it's breathtaking, innocent, mesmerizing, and sweet. His height makes me look up to see it, and on the way there, I always get glance of heaven.

Bay likes the ocean. I went with him once. The sight of his beautiful body and toned muscles is a canvas of bright acrylics stored in the folds of my mind. The hands of the water gently weaved themselves around him as if they wanted him as much as I did. His dark hair grazed the tops of his eyes while plastering to his flushed forehead. He could swim to the bottom of the ocean if he wished. He showed me his hand, and in that moment, there was nothing I wanted more than to connect it with mine.

This is the story of a boy and a girl who never really were on the same page. He's the loudest whisper of perfection, and she's a soft, billowing palm leaf; constantly shading others from the sun while being picked at by passersby. Bay's story needs no editing. It is perfect, just like his heart, his mind, his fingers, his elbow, his ear, and all of his essence. This is a story, but where does it begin? For me?

In the meantime, I'm just looking forward to the chapter where he finds his love. I hope she'll give him the universe that he deserves