Some people don't have feathers whose colors look like they were handpicked from the palette of the sky. Some have but simple, basic colored fluff to hold on their backs. Sometimes it's the internal qualities that matter, but other times it's what's displayed in front of you. That's the way it is because it just remains easier to look than to see.

Her personality can blood in her veins are comparable to the surging waves of the Pacific, giving home to whales of laughter and fish of passion. Scientists have realized the neurons in a human brain look very similar to the formation of a galaxy when photographs of each are compared, and this discovery proves true in her brain. The information held within her hemispheres are just as vast and alluring as the undiscovered information that the galaxies harbor.

She knows this. She can tell she's smart, funny, and loving. The problem, however, is that her feathers were colored with a paint dyed grey. So instead of looking for someone who's colorblind, she's wants that one rare person who will feel grey when she isn't around.