Hey so I'm a new here and I'm worried about my story won't be good. Please be nice. Also I have stories in Fanfiction. Same name. So check them out. ENJOY!

My name is Sam. Not Samantha, not Sammy; just Sam. My whole life my older, Patrick, and I had to raise my younger brother, Lucas. We lived in a foster home for six years. I felt like a prisoner. I had no friends. The only people who actually cared about me were my brothers .The only reason why we got out is because Patrick got too old to live there and moved out. Five months later he adopted us. The reason why nobody wanted us was because of me. My brothers say it's not... But it is. Everyone looks at me and are frightened by my appearance. People wanted to adopt my brothers, but they would only say they would have to take all three of us. My brothers are all the family I have. When Patrick was fifteen, Lucas was five months, and I was eight our parents got in a car accident- they didn't make it alive. After that tragic day I wouldn't smile, laugh or have fun. I have a bad anger issue. Three years after we moved out, Patrick and I started our own car repair store. We are trying to make ends meet. I am now seventeen. This is where my story begins.

I hope you like it. This will get better I promise. Please keep in tune. My friends and I used to play this as a game. I was Sam. I hope you liked it.