Gabrielle: This is dedicated to my little brother and our cousin (who's the same age as him) who both gave me the idea while they were having one of their famous fights.

The cheeseburger wasn't sitting well in Mary-Weather's stomach. Not that she was particularly surprised. She was lactose intolerant. Something that her parents seemed to have over looked at the diner an hour or so back.

She crossed her arms, trying not to glance at the mechanical pencils she brought along. That would probably rouse suspicion.

"Are we almost there?" she asked, her voice barely audible.

Josephine glanced over at her, briefly. From the look in her eye, Mary-Weather guessed she got that a lot. "Just a few more minutes." she glaced down at the photograph on Mary-Weather's lap, "Who're they?"

Mary-Weather followed her gaze. The picture was of her cousin, Rane and his very pregnant wife, Misty-who just happened to be Mary-Weather's former idol. "Former" being the key word. Now the two of them were on-very-different paths. Misty was the wife of the most powerful guy in South Dakota and Mary-Weather… well, she was going down a very different road. One that she was fairly certain would more than likely end her up in the same place as her Uncle David. Jail. Which was where he ended up after he tried to kill Misty because she was poor.

"No one." she murmured, shoving the picture away with the others.

"Is that girl related to you?" Josephine pressed, "Her hair looks a lot like yours."

On instinct, Mary-Weather reached up to run a hand trough her long, wavy hair. She'd bleached it so that it was the same blonde as her cousin-in-law's. back before she started down her new road.

"Her husband is my cousin." she said in a voice that stated that that was all she would say.

She glanced out the window at the trees that kept flying by and by without stopping.

As promised a few-long, I might add-minutes later, they broke through a clearing, where a cluster of buildings sat. It looked almost like some kind of outdoor ranch or camp. There was a series of cabins running along the edges and then bigger buildings that looked as if they were made out of Lincoln Logs.

"Well," Josephine smiled, "Here we are. Home sweet home."

"More like outhouse sweet outhouse." Mary-Weather grumbled under her breath, before speaking up, "What's this place called, again?"

"The Charleston Correction Unit."

Mary-Weather nodded. Now she remembered.

"Now," Josephine sighed, parking the car and opening up her door, "Let's get the show on the road. It's time for you to meet Alice."

Mary-Weather sighed for a very different reason, then followed Josephine's example by picking up her backpack and following her to one of the bigger Lincoln Logs buildings.

They stopped just long enough for Josephine to knock on the door, and for a throaty voice to come floating out.

They entered to see a woman with a brown butch hair cut with green eyes that were narrowed behind glasses.

"Mary-Weather, I presume?" the woman asked.

Mary-Weather nodded, "Assho-" she pretended to catch herself, "Alice I presume?"

Alice's eyes narrowed even more as she motioned to a chair opposite her, "Please give me your backpack and take a seat."

Mary-Weather did as she was told. Then Alice began to go on and on about some weird shit about what was expected of the girls at this school.

"There will be no tolerance of violence of any level." Alice pulled out Mary-Weather's mechanical pencils, squinting at the powder inside. She then unscrewed the lid and dumped all the coke on a napkin that had been set on her desk, before setting the pencils next to her clothes.

"If we suspect you to be a part of any type of fight, you will be expelled immediately." as she was talking, she continued to search through Mary-Weather's backpack. Mary-Weather tensed up a bit as she pulled out her knee high black boots. Alice reached in, and pulled out Mary-Weather's treasure.

A knife that Rane had brought back from China for her. The blade was almost six inches long, and the sheath was made to look like a Pagoda.

Alice twisted it in her hand, as if trying to get a better look at it, before holding it up so that Mary-Weather and Josephine could both see. Then, without a word, she tucked it away in one of the drawers that accompanied her desk, along with the napkin. She then packed Mary-Weather's clothes back into her backpack, before handing it over to her, with a grim smile.

"I hope you can enjoy yourself here." she said, as Mary-Weather snatched her bag out of her hands. Damn. She had thought that she would at least have been able to sneak the coke in.

"Good job." Josephine sighed, "You just managed to use up your first strike and you haven't even officially started yet!"

Mary-Weather raised an eyebrow over at her, "What do you mean?" she asked, hating herself slightly for showing interest in anything that had to do with this damn school.

"Alice allows three strikes when it comes to weapons. 1st one is a warning, 2nd is detention and the 3rd one is you're out of here." she shook her head, "You're an idiot." then she sighed, "Oh well, what's done is done." she smiled over at Mary-Weather, "Why don't we go meet your cabin mates?"

Mary-Weather nodded, before following the black haired councilor towards one of the many cabins.

Oh, maybe I should explain. You see… The Charleston Correction Unit was a school for girls who had "learning disabilities" as the people in charge liked to call it. But, it was really just basically a year-round detention camp for girls who have done something wrong-with ages ranging from 15-18.

Every girl who attends the CCU has their "Thing". Which is what they did that got them thrown in this hole.

Mary-Weather's hand instinctively shoved inside her sweater pocket, searching for the knife that she subconsciously knew wasn't there.

Her thing was… special.

And she would make sure that no one found out what it was.

Blood. Red blood that looked black in the late night. It flowed freely from her cuts, onto the once nice carpet.

No one could know.

No one….