"Sebastian!" Cassie laughed, running down the hill, her hands waving wildly, "Calvin, hi!"

Mary-Weather stood there, utterly perplexed as she stared at the boys below her. What was going on? Had Cassie gone completely insane? She just took her through a god only knows how long trek through the woods to go hook up with a couple of boys?! What the fuck?! Mary-Weather had had next to no interest in boys back when she was free-why the hell would she want anything to do with them, now?

Nevertheless, she followed the orange haired girl down, opting for being social than looking like an idiot just standing up there. She didn't usually care what people thought of her, but she really didn't feel like getting bitched out at on the way back. Especially since she couldn't go alone since the path they had taken was very confusing.

"Who's your friend?" one of the boys asked, tilting his head toward Mary-Weather and giving her a flirtatious smile. One that Mary-Weather was sure most girls in her position would send right back. But she wasn't most girls, "You've never brought anyone else up to meet us, before."

"This is Heather." Cassie smiled, having plopped down on the other boy's lap. "And don't go getting any ideas in that small brain of yours, Sebastian. She's too innocent for that kind of stuff."

The boy-Sebastian-laughed, before flipping his black hair out of his face to reveal his dark brown eyes in a way that was obviously supposed to be sexy. However, Mary-Weather just found it annoying. She didn't like it when boys tried to flirt with her-it meant they were only after one of two things. Either her family's money or… well… you know, the other thing boys were after. And since he couldn't have known that she was rich, it meant that he wanted… the other thing.

"Heather." Sebastian's voice dropped down into a husky baretone as he said this. Mary-Weather had to resist from rolling her eyes as he did so, "What a nice name."

"It's Mary-Weather." Mary-Weather cut in sharply, acid dripping off her tongue with every word.

"Woah." the other boy-Calvin, this one had blonde hair that was swept to the side and captivating brown eyes, "Down girl."

"Oh, don't worry about her." Cassie purred into his ear, wrapping her arms around his neck, "She's declawed. We were actually up here wondering if you had anything for us."

Sebastian shot her a half-hearted glare that Mary-Weather could tell was more serious than it looked, "I hope you mean a couple hours alone with Calvin when you say 'anything for us'."

Cassie sighed, "Where as I would enjoy some of that too, alas we don't have that much time, today. I was actually hoping you had something in the boos or drugs department this time."

Sebastian groaned, before standing up so that he was-surprisingly-towering almost a foot over Mary-Weather, who was quite tall herself, "Cassie, you know we don't do that kind of stuff. Besides, aren't you at the CCU to get off from all that?"

Cassie groaned, burying her face into Calvin's neck, "Oh, but that place is sooooo annoying. I wish I could just run away."

"Sorry, hon." Calvin laughed, stroking her back, "You know you can't do that. They know we live here, so if you suddenly disappeared, we'd be the first ones they'd look to." he grabbed ahold of Cassie's chin, tipping her head up so that they were looking face to face, "And you know how awful we are at lying."

Cassie pouted, before shaking her head, "You're such a meanie, Calvin."

Calvin laughed, before leading her into the house, "Let me change your mind on that."

"No!" Cassie laughed, pushing him away before they could get to the door, "I already told you, horny pants. Not today! Heather just met you, you need to be polite!"

Mary-Weather contained a groan as everyone turned to face her again. She had hoped that the attention would be away from her for just a little while longer so that maybe she could slink off to that lake around back until it was time to go. Hanging out with these people wasn't nearly as fun as Cassie had made it out to be.

"Oh, I'm sorry, that's right." Calvin laughed, before holding out his hand to her, "Hello. I'm Calvin, and that over there is my cousin, Sebastian."

Mary-Weather accepted his hand, absentmindedly deciding that not doing so would cause more trouble than it would solve. For the first time she took a good look at the two boys. They looked to be about a few years older than her, maybe late teens or early twenties. They must've been at least eighteen to be living on their own.

"Twenty." Sebastian wrapped an arm around her shoulders before winking down at her, "That can't be too much older than you."

"Shut up, Mr. Abstinence!" Cassie laughed, "Don't flirt with the poor girl if you're not going to deliver the promises you make with your eyes!"

Mary-Weather blinked, staring up at him in surprise. With his good looks, and flirting, he was still a-

"Yup," Sebastian winked down at her again, "I'm saving myself. All of a sudden I don't seem so bad, now, do I?"

Mary-Weather was at a loss of what to say. I mean, what do you say when someone who'd you only known for a couple minutes told you that? So she just glanced away, staring longingly at the lake. It had been a long walk on such a hot day and it had been almost a month since she'd gone swimming…

"Wanna go for a dip?" Calvin asked, as if reading her thoughts.

Mary-Weather turned to him, nodding excitedly.

Cassie sighed, "Well, it wasn't the alcohol I was hoping for, but I suppose this is better than nothing." she rolled her eyes, "Those damn security guards won't even let us take more than five minutes in the bath! I feel so gross!"

She then grabbed Mary-Weather's hand and began to lead her towards the bluish water. It was strange-Mary-Weather had never seen water that looked so clean. And it was a lake for Pete's sake! It should've been muddy looking instead of that beautiful clear blue like it was a huge glass of water that had never been touched.

And so, for the rest of the day, they swam. It felt so good-even though Mary-Weather never once admitted how good of a time she was having out loud. However, she was having too much time enjoying herself, that she never once noticed that Sebastian rarely ever took his eyes off of her the entire time.