Trust can only truly be trust if it's mutual. if you don;t trust me, then I don't trust you. When someone did nothing to make you not trust them, then you have to look at yourself because there must be something going on with you, not them. But if they love you, they'll wait and let you take your time. But at the end of the day, they will get tired of it all.

Trust Me As I'm Ranting




It's only a phone call.

They don't even last that long.

You're driving me up the wall,

I thought your faith in me was strong.

I don't even know what all this was for,

but as I watch you walk out that door,

I can see that maybe,

baby I was wrong.


Not for what I did,

because I did nothing to you.

I didn't do anything to or with him too.

Why are you overreacting?

I let you do you.

but as I watch you packing,

I can see that maybe this ain't true.


Stop with your hanging up,

quit it with your acting out.

I am not her,

don't make me pay for her mistakes because eventually Im'a be out.

You're the one who said communication was the key,

so why all of a sudden do you refuse to communicate with me?


Oh wait,

let me back track.

I forgot baby,

I seem to have turned this into a rap.

But awe well,

hell maybe you'll understand me better.


I did nothing for you to not trust me,

but now you got me limited.

Well I'm sorry hunny,

I really ain't that chick.


All I did and all I do,

is love you and only you for you.

Why don't you trust me?

I trust you.

Even with all those chicks chasin' you,

I stand firmly at your side,

makin' all them chicks hide because I make it known that you are mine.


And when all that is done,

what do I do?

I dust off my knuckles and again,

let you do you.


I'm always getting' in trouble with you,

but honestly I don't even know what I do.

Can you just listen to me?

I listen to you.


Hold up a minute,

no wait a second,

is this all really true?

What happened to "I love you",

What happened to "I trust you",

Aw man I keep forgetting,

that actions speak louder than words,

and if you can see and speak clearly,

you can see that my actions are nothing but true and limited to you.


But even with that,

I'm not the subservient type,

and none of this is just gonna be "Alright."

You can't tell me what to do,

but neither can I to you.

All I need is your trust.

Like you even said,

just because you've been hurt by a few,

doesn't mean you have to punish the whole world and make it dead.


Let me be me,

Love me for that.

You are my world

but at the end of the day I am me,

and baby that's not gonna change for nobody.


As you yell,

I whisper.

As you scream,

I curl up next to my crystal stream.

I may seem hard and aggressive,

but trust me please,

I'm dying inside.


I am not her.

I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.

I watch and wait as you hurt me,

because I make myself believe that you don't mean it.

But I don't know any more though,

is this all true?

Can it?


I'm gonna only say this once,

Cuz I'm starting to feel like a dunce with all this ranting.

Just believe in me,

again I did nothing to you but be there and trust you.


I deserve that,

I need that,

and without that,

I just don't know.


I am not her.

I will never be.

Just stay at my side,

'cuz Im'a stay,

even with all your mess,

and even with all the pain you cause me.


My love for you will always stay,

but there will come a day when I break,

and this time,

the pieces may just be too much to put back together,

and we may both run out of this precious time forever.