Tonight the everpresent anxiety consumes you,

Twisting and churning and thriving.

It devours all thoughts and notions

Until only the empty quiescence remains.


When friend turns on friend,

Family on family,

Foe on foe,

Who is the enemy?

Who is to trust?

What can you do but run?


You can run until your heart gives out,

But you can't escape your self-induced abduction.

Blindly you follow your own mind's screaming,

Leading you deeper into your solitary abyss.


So you fall down,

Till the stars give way.

They wash away

Everything that you are.

And when there's nothing left

You're right back at the beginning.


When it all starts over,

You realize there never even was a story.

Where does that leave you?






Who knows.


Maybe not.


Try piecing yourself back together,

When there aren't any pieces left.

What do you do?

Go back to the basics.


But wait,

That doesn't work.

Your pervasive innate iniquities

Only hinder the journey.

The familiar prevents progress,

Just as it always has.


No one will help you

When even woe itself has turned on you.

So you become a wanderer,

Who will remain lost.



And forever consigned to oblivion.

Alone in the depths of your hollow mind

Even imagination ceases to exist.

Torn down to your very core,

You are left with nothing but the dying stars.