~ Author's Note ~
This short story was written by my friend, Junelian Ai as her pseudonym.
All credits go to Junelian Ai, I did not contribute in any part of this piece, except for posting it her on FictionPress :)
Enjoy ^_^

- Emmeline Alicia Mary -

Why Must Death Conquer Life?
Written By Junelian Ai

Abby pulled her green helmet tight on her head. She must protect her dear home country. Her country was good and was a fine home. Abby was born here, protected here, and most of all, she loved here. Now, Abby would protect the newly born ones and the retired ones who protected her when she was small.

"Firearms ready! Swords and knives tucked away! Be prepared!" shouted Officer Birkly.

Abby held her Black Bess tight in her hands. She walked through her army's ditch to her spot. Other men and women were already down, ready to jump into no man's land and run to conquer Germany's ditch on the other side. Abby loaded her Black Bess and jumped into crawling position.

"Soldiers! In your positions and no more shuffling around!"

Abby got ready into springing position and moved no more. She waited for the cannon blast and the ting of the battle bell from the Germans.


Ting! Ting! Ting!

A shout of "Charge!" was screamed from Abby and her fellows' mouths.

Abby ran and ran, and was at the edge of the German ditch.

"Abbs! Behind you!" yelled a friend unseen in the battle.

Abby turned and tried to duck, but was not faster than the bullet, and her vision of the world faded.

Two Years Later – 2024

Abby's mother wept and knelt before Abby's saved body.

"Abby. . ." she whispered. "Why must Death conquer Life?"