Reaching for you…..

Chapter 1:

"so what did your dad say?"she slipped out of his grip lying on her stomach as she fidgeted with his fingers, "well he likes you, although they are saying you have some history" he pulled her closer. Resting in his arms she took a deep breath. "We all have history but it won't matter as long as you love me, do you love me?" she asked all of a sudden as she wriggled to face him.

His clear eyes saying so much as his raven locks fell over his face. She dug her face deeper in his embrace breathing in his aroma. "Ask your self" he told her kissing her deeply.

"Gannet, Is that even your name?" a graveled voice dripped in anger echoes through the room as she rolled out of his grip and pulled the covers over her body. "ohh dad i-um is everything alright?" although she was trying to sound calm she was freaking inside. He pointed his gun straight at her face. "Do you know who this woman is?" he asked his son. But instead of answering his father threw some documents at his direction. They were data records with her photo on one of the sheets. Nearly slapping him with them "F.B.I, roll no. 1804" he said straight looking at her with the most disdain.

"Tell me jace, you still care for this worthless warm?" a voice too loud for her conscience. She lay there lying in a puddle of her own blood. The first time Gannet assigned for this job she knew it was suicide but now she reconsidered if she would ever make it out in time. She was dying as someone kicked her in the stomach she couldn't help but scream as Jace himself grabbed her by the hair and smacked her in the wall. "You bitch!" he shouted. Those crystal clear hazel orbs piercing through her as she put the blanket closer to her predictable frame. "J-Jace please try to understand I love you" he started to laugh at her, "the only thing you ever loved was your career, it wont hurt to kill you, "he kicked her again as she started to cough, "ahh Jace!" she screamed his name as she felt cold hands wounding around her waist as he picked her up, she was barely in conscience as her lips brushed against his bare chest. "Please, i-had no choice" her voice barely audible, he looked at her with pure hatred. Revolted at her He wanted to kill her. Slap her and torture her. How dare she got this far? How dare she spy on them? He asked him self as he let go of her. She dropped to the ground with a certain crack. "Get up and get lost before I kill you" she reconsidered his words as she curled up in a ball. The cold snow rustled as she tried to move. The freezing winds against her as she started to suffocate.

"You are letting her go?" his father screamed from behind as he shut the door at her face. "Dad we own the streets I'll ring Dan, he'll take care of her" his father, jack Anderson ran a drug mafia. He was feared all over the town. Jace let out a sigh. "She will pay for this," he couldn't help laugh at the thought.

Alex was a grade A officer. The moment they assigned her to con Jace Anderson she knew she was stepping in the lion's den. There was no way out but she had to do it. You can't say no to duty. But right now, lying in the cold snow semi naked she started to regret it. She could barely move a mussel and if that was her status she might as well be frozen by the time anyone finds her. The high way was deserted as she pulled the thin blanket tighter around her. In a mere distance she could see the head lights of a passing car. She wanted to get up and ask for help but couldn't she couldn't help sob silently when the car passed by. Leaving the road deserted for lord knew how long.

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