Painted grey

Chapter 3:

Alex woke up as the dawn lit up the room. Her body ached. Every part of burnt as she tried to open her eyes. Was she this weak? She asked her self as she couldn't help gasp for air when she tried to sit up but fell back in a den of pillows. Her short hair fanned over the pillow as her hand brushed against something.

Not sure what she wriggled with difficulty to face a small stuffed animal. It was a brawn teddy bear. Not knowing why that made her smile as she gently picked it up.

"Miss Stranger are you awake?" the syrup dripped voice of Dylan filled the room as she hopped on the bed beside her. She narrowed her eyes but didn't say anything. "ohh look kiki,s friends with you!" The seven year old smiled as he studied the bear.

Not sure why seeing that child for once she forgot all the pain as she couldn't help smile. He reminded her of herself when she was his age. "Dylan!...Dylan where are you?" the stern voice of Alexeth brought her back to reality as a wave of pain washed over her.

Alexeth stopped in the door way as tilted his head, so she was finally awake. "c'mon Dylan we are getting late" he smiled when he looked at her as he picked up his son. For a moment or two he lost her self. She was pretty even when her hair was messed up and she wore a very complex expression one could lose them selves in her eyes. Crystal clear grey orbs. As if they hid more then one could read. But Alexeth knew better there was more to her then secrets as he flashed a smile. "Go to sleep, you must rest" She nodded as she pulled the sheets over her and as if one had cast a spell over her.

As quietly as possible Alexeth closed the door to his room" hmm and what were you doing there?" "kiki wanted to make friends with miss stranger" Dylan answered innocently. And once more Alexeth was weapon less As he rubbed his eyes.

"zoi!" Dylan burst out as he wriggled free and ran to the blonde who was busy with her phone.

"When did you became zoi?" alexeth shot out as she looked at his niece. "well you know it's a trend and, " he couldn't help laugh "yea you and your trends, take care of Dylan and call me if you need anything" "really?" her face lit up as she put dawn her cell phone, he just rolled his eyes, " not one of your never ending wish lists, I am talking about Dylan." With a disappointed sigh she guided the kid to her car. A pink Honda "hmm ok, " "c,mon zoi! We are getting late you said you'll buy me candy!" before going she handed him a few documents. "Mother sends these, something related to property," Alexeth nodded. "fine ill take care of it"

With a small wave she sidled in the driver's seat.

Well I know its full of mistakes but do tell me how it is. To be honest I just wanted the child out of this for the next chapter is all about Alex and what happens and how her rest of the life will be so yea, umm I guess thanx for reading do leave a review^^