Kids will be kids

Boys will be boys

Girls will be girls

Teens won't be teens

From thirteen and up

To eighteen or so

Can't go where you want

Where you want you can't go

They seem to forget

We are their youth

They were like us

We're not all so uncouth

We're not knife-wielding thugs

With ASBO's or chavs

Who wear trousers low

And wear hoodies like that

We can be nice

We can be fun

We use our manners

And tidy our rooms

Of course there are some things we don't want to do

But that is no reason for you to assume

These things that I've said so give us a chance

We're the next generation, we can what you can't

We have emotions

And minds just like yours

Yes, our minds are different

And we bottle feelings up

But you don't have to tell us

"Just deal with it – be tough"

If you're anti-teen you grew to fast

If you're a stereo-teen you grew to slow

If you are just a teen you're just like us

Who'll you'll be – you just don't know

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