The Envy

As it sees what it does not have,

It covets.

Approaching rashly,

It makes it's move with careless thought,

Pushing it's way through walls endlessly.

The Envy

The prey is chosen,

It is not permitted escape.

The heated gaze that penetrates,

Tumults of emotions are awakened...

And aroused.

The Envy

It calls to it's siblings,

The Desire,

The Passion,

They hunger for one,

As one hungers for them.

Rationalization and thoughts for reason,

They become undone.

All is jealousy,

The need to have,



A hunter on constant prowl,

The Envy

It makes it's move,

The prey escapes,

The pounce is saved,

For another day.

The chance will come,

For those who wait,

Patience will reward...

The Envy

It watches.