I write so many one-shots, they might as well be a book.

What comes to your head when I say: Drowning?


Well, this is what comes to my head.


I twisted, turned, trying to doge the fists being swung at me. We ended up by the pool fighting, yelling, hitting, and probably over something stupid too, oh yeah, she was spying on me. I laughed, I always did when I fought like this it made people think I wanted to get in fights. I laughed and laughed until there was one punch I couldn't block, it sent me falling back wards into the pool.

With me not being able to swim, I grabbed at the water, trying to reach the surface. What hurt me more is that no one bothered to come in and save me...

Head pounding.

My head, hurt so bad it felt like some one hit it with a sledge hammer. I could hear my head pounding clearly.


My body surrounded by water. I so badly wished I couldn't feel the water any more. It was pushing me down, hard. I wanted to feel the cold air on my skin again.


I felt like if I didn't get out of the water soon, my lungs would burst. They burned from holding my breath so long.

table spoon.

I read some thing about drowning once. I read that we could drown in a table spoon of water because the water could still get in our lungs.


With that information, I thought f other things we could drown in, like a kitchen sink. Or your bathroom sink.


We all should know that we could drown in an ocean. Is this what it felt like?


If only there was something that I could grab on to...Like a raft.


My family, will be so sad if I die like this. And what will happen to my sister? She was the one that punched me in.


Forget her. Mom will be mad at her because of what she did. And because she was spying on me.


I would cry now. But being surrounded by water, I can't. My eyes are filled with chlorinated water and my vision is getting blurry. I close my eyes hopeing that the stinging will go away.


Knowing my time is up. And knowing I won't make it. I open my mouth, greeting the water in. My lungs still aren't relived, though, I feel much better.

Before I die, my body give a violent gerk. I'm sure that no one above knew who I was, or cared who I was. But the last thing that came out of my mouth was laughter, and air.

I'm also sure that the last thing they saw when I was under water, was a sweet girl giving away her last breath because she knew she was over.

So, what comes into your mind when I say: Drowning?

Because I know one word that doesn't come into my mind: Savior.

This was the first story that I did that isn't based off of a memory of mine. But if some one was drowning I would go in full clothed to save them, I would not let this happen.