Raising hope

Chapter #1

Life starts with hope

On a damp & cloudy, a husband and wife were waiting for their first child. Both Henry & Greta were tired and Greta was soaked with sweat. Then dr. peter, "announced it's a girl, but…" but what. "Henry shouted" she's well, she didn't make it. But the baby is fine." what do you mean her… Henry stopped to see his wife lying there, not moving. Realizing this, he demanded "what happened? Why is she dead? Dr. Peter had no clue of what to say to the hopeless man. "I don't know sir." peter stuttered "never mind, you keep her. I don't want her." as he stomped out the door. Peter, a religious man, looked down at her. As he drove along a rocky road, he could see she didn't respond to the bumpy road. He gently picked her up as he had stopped the truck. He spanked her just a tad on her bottom and prayed for a response. He thought the worse had happened but, he was wrong. Fore, her eyes twitched and following were some tears streaking down her face. Peter held her up and sighed. "Man, you gave me a scare." he went on down the road came up with the name hope. He held her in his arms that were still damp from hopes tears. That didn't bother him though and soon she had fallen asleep. Peter had two sons, Kyle, eighteen and john the oldest, was twenty eight. The boys were raised in a Christian house. There mother had passed two yrs or so ago from breast cancer. Peter pulled up into the driveway. Both boys had started getting dinner on the table, when in walked in their father with a baby girl. They came up to their father. So interested, they all forgot dinner was getting cold. Peter and the boys lived on a farm. That night they took turns checking on her. While peter was at work, Kyle took watch over hope and john tended to the farm. Then john would take over. She was the center of attention. One year later, as peter was closing up the office, the father of the baby waltzed in looking like he had a change of heart. Please may I have my child? I promise to take good care of her. "Well, she does belong to you and she probably would be happier w/ her real father. " Back at the house, the boys had fixed dinner and hope was making bubbles with her drool while giggles popped out of her mouth. They waited and waited and as they waited, hope began fussing. So, they went ahead and fed her first and then they went ahead eating themselves. Just then peter walked in but, he was not alone. "Hey, boys, this is Henry. He's the father of hope." "What, you named her?" Yea, I thought it fit but, you can change it. "Peter replied. Peter and the boys welcome him in like he was a part of their family. They said their good byes. "You know dad, he may be her father, but he sure doesn't look the part. Kyle said," yea, I know, I'll miss her too" Henry replied back sighing. To break the sad look on their faces, John answered "there is hope." "Real funny, ha ha." "Kyle, said joking" They all began laughing.

Chapter # 2

A different Hope

Ten years went by as they lived without hope. The boys asked their dad if they could go and visit her. "No!" he answered back "she's not ours and she's probably fine. Don't worry so much you two, Ok" "alright dad." "John said." Well, I guess…. Nudging Kyle in the belly, "Kyle" john said. Kyle gave in telling his dad "of course. No problem" "thanks boys for being so understanding. I know it's hard to give up something you love. Believe me. I had a hard time when your mother belle passed." "Said Peter." don't worry dad, we know what you mean. It was hard for us too." john answered back. Across town lived Henry and his child who he renamed Greta after his wife. He raised her best he knew how. Greta was now 11 yrs old and a beautiful little girl and she was to start a new elementary school soon. She didn't fit into the last one she went too. It was catholic and she hated it. So, her dad, Henry enrolled her into a regular school. The first day of school came and she didn't want to go. "Dad, can I please skip it today? She asked looking up at him with her cute smile." no! We've been through this many times and it's an important part of life. Yea, I know the story. Please don't waste your breath. She waltzed into the school building with out saying a word to her dad. After a few times of coming to this school everyone noticed how well she was doing. She had made many friends. By the time school let out, she was pretty smart and very popular. When high school came around, she may have been smart, but had known clue what to expect. She had several party invites. Soon, she became a party animal and her dad had lost control of her. No longer, was she a little sweet heart. At prom, she and her boyfriend Kevin have decided on having sex on their prom night. Henry sat her down for brief talk before Kevin would be there. He tried to help her understand about boys and why it was important to listen to what he had to say. She didn't respond to Henry. She had tuned him out totally.

Hope is lost

Chapter #3

That evening, when it was time for Kevin to pick her up, he didn't show. He had obviously ditched her. She ran to her bedroom in tears. Henry was out on a blind date that his buddies had fixed up for him. The date was going smoothly, but Henry was so worried about Greta, that he left apolitically to lady, who seemed to understand. At home, things were bad for Greta. She started tossing her things here and there in rage of Kevin leaving her. She wasn't sure what she was doing, but She so upset, that she tore her very expensive dress into pieces that her dad had bought for her. She then took all of Kevin's items outside to be burnt. She put pictures, gifts from him, and her promise ring and tossed them into a box. She lit a match and watched as the valuables burned into nothing. All except the ring had been destroyed. Finally, Henry got home. He found the burnt spot and then noticed his daughter crying on the steps of the front porch. He came up to comfort her and see if he could help. As he tried to sit, she pushed him away, but he reassured her and held her up to him and hugged her tightly but gentles enough to let her breath. He gave her a little kiss on the top of her head witch left a sent of peppermint. "Dad why does your breath smell like that?" she asked while still sobbing. I went on a date, but I left because I love you." "Wait a minute dad, that's an odd reason to leave a lady on first date. There's got to be more to the story than that." she replied back. "Well" Henry started, "I couldn't help but to worry about you. You know I love you and would do anything in my power to protect you. At first Greta was mad at her dad for being such a worry wart, but she was glad he was there. "Greta, I know it hurts to know nothing about what's going on around us, but you must look at the bright part of life." He tells her. "I'm sorry for not being nice to you dad and how could anyone forgive a daughter like me?' as Greta starts sobbing again. "Don't be silly, you're a wonderful daughter and I do forgive no matter how bad things get. Let's go out for ice cream. I'll get your favorite!" Henry encourages "and what is my favorite ice cream? Do you remember?" she asks. Well, let me think, just joking, its chocolate, but as a milk shake. Am I right?" "Ill even ask for extra whipped cream and lots of cherries. " He dries a tear from her cheek. "Thanks dad for caring for me even though I haven't been a perfect little angel."

Chapter #4

Hope finds a way

It's been a long while since; Henry took back hope, known as Greta now. "I have a surprise vacation for you darling." says Henry. "Oh joy." Greta replies back to him sarcastically. "What could that possibly be? " She asks. "Well…" Henry "it's a beautiful town." "Come on it can't be that great dad." said Greta. "Well your right about that. He pauses, it's greater than great. Here's a clue, you were born there. "He replies. While waiting for a bad remark from Greta, she instead replies with "is my mom there? Looking surprised, Henry answers, 'she might be." oh crape! What have I just done? He thinks quietly to himself. "When do we leave?" She asks while he's deep in thought. Dad!" she repeats. Oh, I'm sorry babe I was just thinking…" "Thinking what? He interrupted. "Well if you would just let me finish my sentence, I might tell you." of course he was hoping that the family was still living the there in the same home. Did if he even knew what area they lived in or what their address was. He kept on thinking and while Greta was searching for some words, any word to come out of his mouth, nothing. Greta soon got frustrated and went to get ready for the trip. He also didn't think of is this would a good or bad surprise. He comes out of thoughts to see that Greta was already getting prepared. While Greta slept, he looked up for the family who had saved watched over her as he should have in the beginning. He looked though the whole yellow pages. Did he remember their names? He thought to self. Henry quickly picked the phone as he had found the offices number instead of their home phone. He picks up the phone to dial the phone number. It started to ring. He became nervous and almost hung up, but then a voice came through the phone line. It sounded familiar, was it peter?

Chapter #5

A new hope

In the morning, Greta was up and ready to see what her dad had in mind as a great vacation. Henry was a little slow getting up. Greta was getting very impatient and yanked off his covers waking him to the blinding sun shining though the window of his room. She packed his suitcase, gave a cup of coffee, and got in the truck. Soon, they were out of the driveway and off on an adventurous trip. Along the way, was boring, as her father tried to entertain her by singing to his favorite tunes, witch she hated. Instead of listening his to loud obnoxious voice, she plugged her earphones into her hears and ipod and pumped the music loud enough just to tune him out. They stopped at a gas station to get gas and snacks for the rest of the way. It was the same when back in the truck. His music bored her. They couldn't decide on what music to listen to. Soon their music bored them both. Greta looked out the trucks window to watch the scenery. Her dad on the other hand drove with out word. His thoughts had gathered far into his head. He had to remember to direct spot to go, so he watched as the signs on the road passed. Then he spotted the old little doctors office he was in to give birth with his wife. He then started remembering what had happened in that little office. They seamed so real at the time. First he could vividly see his wife. Then, all of a sudden Greta chanced up at her who was tearing up. "Dad?" She questioned. "Are you alright?" She asked in a worried voice. He began the story that had changed his and her life and how it had become to be this day. As he had finished his story, there was silence, it then broke with a question or two and then a tear appeared on her face. They both held each other close. Then there was silence once as they drove on. Then as they pulled up, they saw two boys. One tended to his horse and the other mowed the field. Henry called out to them trying not to disturb them. "Dad!" They cried out together." peter came running out looking as if something had happened to his boys. They ran up to their dad "guess who just showed up in our drive way? Who peter asked? Henry and hope! They said excitedly."

Chapter # 6

Life with hope

Greta, now out of high school, looked at the two boys who glanced her way. Peter immediately called out "welcome! Would yawl like to join for dinner? "He continued. It grew dark fast. Greta and the boys where too excited to sleep, but peter and Henry went on to bed. Soon they went to bed too. The next day, the boys decided to cook breakfast for their visitor's. Breakfast went well. Greta had scrambled eggs w/ bacon, and juice, while her dad had a little of everything. The boys gobbled down one bowl of cereal each. Peter, on the other hand, just wanted his usual coffee. They visit peters family every once a year. The boys, who were older now, wished that one of them could date her, but she was still a bit younger than them. Greta was now able to go to college, but she didn't want to leave her dad back by himself. So she went on her computer and checked for colleges around close to where peter and the boys lived. She didn't find much. There was only one school in that town. Greta liked peter and his boys. She asked her dad if they could move back to that little town that she had obviously fallen in love with. Her dad had a big decision. "I'll think about it. Was his answer." she keep pushing her dad into the thought of moving, in which she hoped for an answer. Christmas came around and there still wasn't an answer from her dad, so she almost gave up, until she head him finally say " pack your bags. We are going to that little town. It's going to be our future home and you will be able to go to that college you picked. "That Christmas was the best.

Chapter #7

Hope's dream

Her first day of collage came and she hadn't a clue what she wanted to be. As she went to collage, she made a bunch of friends, including a nice Boy. His name was Adam. Her dad wasn't sure about this boy, but he chanced it. He wanted her to be happy, but safe. Greta had to choose a profession and soon. She had been so distracted with her friends and soon to be husband. That night she had a dream, she was planning her wedding. It seemed so real. When she got up, she prepared herself for another year of collage, which she had to choose something, fore this was her last year of collage. She thought about her choices long and hard all night long. The next day before graduation came. Then a thought of interest came to her. She wanted to help people. So she picked out one of the several jobs she thought shed like. Her decision was totally different. She decided to help around the farm with the boys. Adam wasn't sure nor did he think of living with them, their father, and her dad, but he loved and went ahead with this decision. Almost all of her time was spent on the farm. Adam wanted to see more her and was tired of her spending her time on the farm. To him, he thought she was wasting her time, which she could and should be with him. He came to her one late afternoon to ask her to make choice. "Its ether this farm or me!" he demanded. This caught her by surprise. She had been so oblivious that he was there. She felt so bad, but she loved the farm. She now realized that since their marriage was made official, she hadn't a clue of it. I would like a family, but you insist on this silly farm life. I love you, but seriously this isn't working!" he said. At this thought, she answered "can I have some time to think it over?" what, are you crazy. I'm not waiting any later and went towards his car, when Greta announced as a last resort, give me another chance! But he had driven off so furiously, the dust from the driveway filled up to where she couldn't see him. She fell to ground holding face and started sobbing. The whole witnessed the entire scene and ran to her. One month later, she was back on the farm happier than ever. Soon she was working as an assistant with peter, which would soon retire and let the boys take over. As for her dad, he never got another job after quitting in the city.