My Love of Subconscious Means

Last night when I went to bed,

I was so tired- my eyelids were as heavy as lead.

I fell asleep and drempt of skies that were blue

And as I walked down familiar streets, I found myself right beside you.

We talked and laughed and even danced

And before my dream ended, you held my hand.

We gazed at each oher with our hearts set ablaze,

And you wiped away a lonely tear as you faded away.

As I woke I thought with a melancholy smile-

That at least I saw you- if only for a while.

Even though it turned out that it was all a dream,

I can only hope that fantasy and reality are not as seperate as they seem.

So good-night for now my love of subconcious means,

I'll see you again in the flow of my dreams.

Hey people, I know this is quirky, but I found it in my journal and wrote it up for you.