"Baby, why we gotta go to this dumb old horror movie convention?" Becky Rose asked her boyfriend Oscar Cullen as they entered the Radison Hotel.

"It's one of the best conventions Ireland. Movie nuts from all over the world travel to this. Do you know how lucky we were to get tickets?" He asked enthusiastically, pulling her to the front desk.

"Hello, and welcome to the Radison hotel. Are you here for the horror movie convention?" The bald man behind the counter asked faking excitement.

"Yup, me and my baby here for the long horror weekend!" Oscar grinned at him.

Becky rolled her eyes and elbowed Oscar in the ribs. He knew that she hated horror movies and yet he had insisted on taking her to this dumb convention.

"Yes, how wonderful." He said in a bored tone. "Your name sir?"

"Cullen. Oscar Cullen." Oscar told him and squeezed Becky closer to his side.

"Ah yes Mr. Cullen. You and your, ah girlfriend will be staying in... Oh the penthouse... You must have been the lucky tenth person to purchase tickets!" The man exclaimed in surprise.

"We get to spend the whole weekend in the penthouse!" Oscar exclaimed in disbelief.

"Yes sure. Would you like the key?" The desk man asked rooting in the drawer for a set of keys.

"Yes." Oscar said then he turned to look at Becky. "See baby? There is an upside to this!"

She rolled her eyes again. "You can go to your dumb convention, but me, I'm going to the spa."

"The spa will cost extra." The man added quickly looking up and handed the key to Oscar.

"I think we can afford it." She snapped at him.

"Baby, calm down." Oscar whispered and steered her away from the front desk.

"Did you hear that guy? He thinks we're trash or something!" She was getting herself all worked up and her face was turning red.

"Baby, you are far too beautiful. No one could ever think anything bad about you." He kissed the top of her ash blonde curls.

"You can call me beautiful all you want but there is no way I'm going to that convention." She laughed at him and pressed the button up to the top floor.

"Babe, come on! They're showing 'Scream' and 'Halloween' down in the ballroom!" Oscar said jumping up and down on the bed.

"You know I don't like scary movies! They freak me out!" Becky insisted as she put her make-up bags in the bathroom.

"You love the third 'Scream'." He reminded her.

"That's because they get engaged! I don't like all the gore and the crazed psycho running around the place." She shuddered and went and sat beside him on the bed.

"Fine. So what're you going to do while I'm down watching the movie marathon?" He sighed and shrugged his jacket on.

"I'm gonna go check out that spa that apparently we can't afford." She pulled the white bathrobe tighter around herself.

"You know, you look so sexy in that bathrobe." He murmured and pulled at the corner of her robe.

She slapped his hand away. "Oh no you don't. You don't get to try and make me watch a horror movie then try to sleep with me."

"But baby... You know this is a good way to get yourself ready for the spa." He persisted.

Becky laughed and slapped his hand again. "Nope. You go watch your movies. I'm going to go to the spa." With that she walked out of the room.


As she walked down the corridor she saw lots of people dressed as characters from the movies that were being played tonight. As she neared the elevator a man in a Scream costume jumped at her holding a knife.

Becky let out a loud scream and slapped at the man as hard as she could.

"Ouch!" The man screamed and pulled the mask off. "What did you do that for?"

"You jumped at me with a knife! What was I supposed to do?" She practically screamed at him. She was terrified by that movie and all these people in costume were really bugging her.

"It was a joke you crazy chick!" The man yelled and ran off.

"Stupid idiots. In dumb costumes. A good mind to beat your dumb as." She muttered as she got into the elevator.

As she walked through the lobby she noticed several other Ghostfaces and Micheal Myers look a likes, along with Sidney's and Laurie's from the movies. As she walked quickly forward, two of the people in costumes turned to stare at her.

"Hello madam and welcome to the Radison spa. How may I help you?" The woman behind the desk asked.

"I'd like a massage please... And whatever treatments will last until the movie marathon upstairs ends." She smiled kindly at the woman.

The woman started laughing clicked madly at her computer keyboard. "Not a fan of the horror? Neither am I. That's why I'm working tonight while the rest of the staff is 'supervising' the viewing. Al-right how about first you go for a massage, then a steam, and then how about you take a swim in the pool?"

"Oh that sounds wonderful." She grinned.

"Okay well go into the room. The second door on the left. Jennifer or Kyle will be there in a little while." She said as she typed it into the computer.

"Thanks." Becky walked off towards the room.

As the woman behind the counter typed away at her computer two people in costume entered. One was dressed as Ghostface from 'Scream' and the other was dressed as Michael Myers from 'Halloween'.

"I'm sorry." The woman said looking up. "The movie marathon is upstairs in the ballroom. Why don't you ask at the front desk? I think there giving out fake 'Scream' knifes."

The two people turned to look at each other then back at the woman.

"Um... Do you speak English?" She asked nervously, backing away from the counter.

Michael Myers started to breath heavily and moved down towards the room Becky had just gone into.

"Sir, you can't go in there!" The woman behind the counter called after him.

Ghostface came up behind her and stuck his curved knife into her back. She went limp against the knife, as blood started to pour out of her mouth. He pulled the knife out, causing her to fall into a crumpled heap on the floor. He wiped the blood off the knife with his black glove and quickly disappeared.

In the massage room, Becky was lying face down on the table unaware of what had just happened outside. Michael Myers entered the room and the door slammed shut behind him.

"Hello? Are you here to give me my massage?" Becky asked.

The man didn't say anything; he just kept breathing heavily and moved closer to her.

Becky turned around to look at him. "Oh, you're dressed for the marathon. Must be hotel staff policy. So can you break character?"

The man shook his head and kept moving forward.

"Okay. This place is full of freaks." She muttered to herself as she turned back around on the table.

Michael started to rub at her shoulders, and then he started pressing really hard digging his nails into her back.

"Ouch!" She screamed. "What the hell? That hurts."

Michael eased his grip and started to rub them soothingly again. His hands inched closer and closer to her neck.

"Um... I think my hour is up." She said quickly, pulling her towel around her and jumped off the table.

Michael just stared at her as she quickly ran out of the room. He waited until he heard Becky closing the door in the steam room before following her.

Michael saw her sitting in there. He picked up the broom left carelessly beside the door and jammed it through the handle. Then he turned the heat from Medium up to the highest it would go.

Becky started to feel uncomfortable. Hot and sticky. The room was covered in steam and she couldn't even see straight in front of her. She climbed off the bench slowly and carefully made her way to the door. She tried to open the door but it was stuck.

"Hello?" She started banging on the glass. "Could someone please let me out of here? Please?"

Then she saw Michael Myers standing just outside the window waving his butcher knife at her.

She started screaming and banging on the door more frantically. "Help! Someone please! Help me!"

Michael tilted his head to the side like in the movies and watched as Becky grew weaker. Her legs started to give out and she sank to the ground. Still weakly asking for someone to help her.

Michael looked into the steam room. Becky had passed out. Presumably dead as her skin started to bubble and boil. He turned and left the spa.


Upstairs in the ballroom, Oscar was heading back up to his room to get some money before the next movie.

"Oscar? Will you come scrub my back?" He heard Becky call seductively.

"I thought you were in the spa spending my money." He laughed and headed into the bathroom.

The hot water was running and steam covered the shower. He saw the faint reflection of a body in the shower.

"I was... but things got a little steamy... So I decided to come back up here and wait for you." She said trying to entice him into getting into the shower.

"Baby, the next movie is starting in ten minutes!" He whined.

"There is no other movie." The voice of Ghostface said from the shower. "You are the next movie!"

Ghostface jumped out of the shower at him and plunged his knife into his shoulder. Oscar let a scream of pain slip past his lips.

"Who are you? Get off me freak! It's just a dumb movie!" Oscar screamed and kicked Ghostface backwards and into the shower.

He applied pressure to his wound and started to run for the door. Ghostface was faster than him and had locked the door. Swinging his knife he took a swipe at Oscar's arm.

"What do you want?" Oscar yelled and ran to his bedroom desperately looking for an escape route.

"I want you and your girlfriend dead!" Ghostface laughed evilly and jumped at him.

"Becky! What the hell did you do to Becky you sick freak!" Oscar screamed at him and swung at him with a book that he picked up off the side table.

"I'm afraid that things have past boiling point for her." Ghostface laughed and cut deep into Oscar's arm damaging his tendons.

Oscar dropped the book losing the use of his arm. He ran, holding his limp arm. He made a last attempt to escape. Picking up a candlestick he hit Ghostface across the head

Ghostface fell to a heap on the floor. Oscar ran to the door, unlocked it and sprinting down the hall to the elevator. He was standing there waiting for the elevator to open when he realized it was probably broken. He started to run down the stairs but found it locked at the bottom. Ghostface had been more prepared for this attack then Oscar had originally thought.

When he heard Ghostface's boots at the top of the stairs he quickly dashed under them, hiding. He sat there terrified. His life was flashing before his eyes. Then he spent the rest of the time worrying about what had happened to Becky.

He saw the shadow of Ghostface moving around outside his hiding spot. Ghostface seemed far to calm. He wanted to kill Oscar and yet he didn't know where he was. Something didn't add up.

He heard footsteps walk back up the stairs. Oscar waited for a few moments before emerging from under them. Ghostface was nowhere in sight. Oscar made his way to the door and started banging on it.

"Help!" He screamed. "Please someone help me! Please help me! If he finds me he's going to kill me!"

As he was banging and shouting Ghostface silently slipped back down the stairs and stood behind him. He raised his knife and jabbed it straight into Oscar's back. Oscar's face and body fell forward onto the glass of the door. Blood flowed from his mouth smearing the glass. He raised his hand in one last feeble attempt to call for help, but he was thrown sideways into a bloody heap on the ground.

All he'd done was create a hand print on the door.

Ghostface simply wiped his knife in his hand and stepped over Oscar's dead body, returning to the movie marathon.

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