Daniel picked Savannah up from the theater in a stunning bright and colorful outfit a half an hour later. Savannah sat on a bench out in the cold rain, soaked through her jacket. The smell of the rain danced around, and clashed with the smell of smoke that was inevitably everywhere you turned in the city.

The flamboyant man jumped out of a taxi, placing a hand on his forehead to block the rain from ruining his makeup, which looked like it took hours to do. "Hey, sweetheart," Daniel greeted, a sympathetic smile on his colorful face. "Old friend didn't remember you?" He asked as he moved to envelope the soaking wet girl in a hug.

"Oh she remembered me alright. She just didn't like what she saw." Savannah groaned, hugging the man back gently, "But I am so not done with her yet." She sighed and pulled back, walking with Daniel to the taxi and kicking around in some puddles on the way. She ignored the confused look on him.

"What do you mean she didn't like what she saw? Fame get to her head? Poison her brain yet?" He asked, laughing a little, "It's only a matter of time before the virus spreads." Daniel joked dramatically, opening the car door to reveal another brightly dressed man, about Daniel's age (23).

Savannah greeted him in surprise as she slipped into the taxi, searching Daniel's face for an explanation as to who this was. "Oh! Savannah, this is Caden, my boyfriend." Caden wore makeup, but it wasn't as severe as Daniel's was: Only soft pink blush and some black eyeliner. He had on a pair of skinny jeans, and a bright teal tee shirt, and his hair was blonde with a few brown highlights.

He greeted the other girl with a warm smile, and extended his hand to her before she could as the cab driver started towards their apartment. She shook his hand gently, an equally warm smile on her still tear-stained face. "Nice to meet you, Caden" Savannah greeted. She quite liked that name.

"So, honey, remind me why miss superstar over there didn't like you." Daniel ordered, catching Savannah's gaze again, he looked down at Caden, who looked very confused and equally interested. "She used to be friends with Kaeli Heffner, you know, the amazing one." Caden looked at her in total disbelief, his interest growing as the name was mentioned.

"Well, I told her how I was living and I guess I didn't accomplish enough for her comfort, so she yelled at me for it and left." Savannah explained with a huge sigh.

Daniel looked at her with a little sympathy, and gave the taxi driver their address quietly, taking Caden's hand as he leaned back, and sharing a long meaningful glance with his boyfriend that no action could possibly amount to, it was so sickeningly cute.

Savannah, despite how perfect and in love they were, had given up on finding someone that she could look at like that, someone who could stare back just as lovingly. "How are you two not married?" She asked giggling, though it was a bit of a serious question. Gay marriage was legal in New York, after all, and a lot of states had come around since then.

Caden raised a finger to signal 'one second' before picking up his position in the taxi seat a little, and he took Daniel's hands, speaking in a very official voice. "Daniel Brian Baranov, will you be my husband when we're both financially stable enough for a wedding and a ring?"

Daniel nodded casually, and without hesitating, like he'd been asked a million times before, "Yep. I will, Caden Elliot Bryans." He said, smiling, and then turning to Savannah, "That's why." She stuck her tongue out at the both of them, and leaned back into her seat. They were too cute for their own good.

They finally arrived at the Baranov- Bryans apartment twenty minutes later, though it was only a five minute drive. Savannah walked into the colorfully decorated apartment, which perfectly reflected the two of them, bright artwork hung randomly on the walls. She smiled as she walked in, the two boys plopping down on the couch casually. "Make yourself comfortable, sweetie, guest bedroom is that one over there." Caden spoke, pointing to a door.

Savannah nodded, and with a small "thank you", she stepped into the room. This one wall dull and white, since they never used it, and there was a window with a lovely view of the brick wall from another building. She smirked to herself as she set her bags down on the wooden floor, and fixed up the white sheets on the bed.

She decided it was late enough that she should probably try to get some sleep, but that was when she got a text from her 'friend'. "Hey, I'm sorry I blew up on you today. I'll pick you up at Central Park tomorrow? 3:00? –KH" Savannah got up from her spot on the bed, and walked into the living room, where Daniel and Caden were still cuddled up on the couch. She handed Daniel her phone, and huffed.

"Dear god, this is the most contradicting text since the bible!" Daniel exclaimed, putting a small smile on everyone's lips for a brief moment, and Caden cuddled impossibly closer pressing a quick kiss to Daniel's cheek.

"I can't wait to make out with you in hell." Caden giggled, catching Daniel's lips again before blushing over at Savannah when he pulled away moments later, who had a small smirk resting against her lips. "Sorry, you can have him back now."

"Do you think I should go?" She asked breathily, frowning and sitting down next to them two of them on the ground. She wanted to, but they were different people now. Did Kaeli even want to at all? On the other hand, she wanted to keep her life calm, and just keep her distance, but tell Kaeli what was on her mind.

Daniel shrugged, but then nodded. "Probably, just catch up, if she can't keep it calm, come home. There are plenty of hugs here." He comforted, twisting a couple fingers through her curly hair, and standing up. "You're 21, yes? Actually, I don't care; we need to get some alcohol up in here." Caden gave a little adorable cheer, and Savannah smiled gratefully. That was exactly what she needed right now.

She wasn't proud. She never said she would be proud, she never signed up for this, she never learned how to fix it, and she most definitely knew it was too late by now. It wasn't as exciting as she'd heard before, having barely enough money to survive, much less live. There'd always been a beautiful, yet heart breaking rush to it when she read, or watched about the situation she found herself to be in. The people like her lived every day to its fullest. They never seemed to complain, but then, she figured, was when the camera was turned away; where the story was buried in the shadows.

No one ever said life was easy, every single person said it would be difficult, and Savannah thought, she really did that she was ready for anything that could hit her. She knew what would happen, and she thought she knew how to deal with it, but sure enough it all hit her from behind, hoping to kill.

Savannah drank with Caden and Daniel that night until she passed out, and she was most definitely not proud of it, but it seemed like the best decision she'd made in a long time.

She woke up in the guest room the next morning, messy hair splayed on the white pillow of the cheap bed. She was a complete mess, and far too hung over at this point to actually look nice. Savannah sat up in the bed, and rubbed her forehead before getting up so she could get dressed in something that wasn't gross and smelled like alcohol. She took some jeans, and an olive green, long sleeve t shirt from her suitcase, and messily threw it on, rubbing her eyes once more before stepping out of the guest's room and into the living area.

Daniel and Caden sat in their usual manner at the kitchen table, Caden on Daniel's left, both of their legs crossed in matching direction. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Going to meet up with that witch of yours?" Daniel asked, clearly entertained with the way Savannah as stumbling, and quite clearly not as sick.

Savannah shot them both a playful glare. "Shut up, she's not that bad, I would be disappointed in me, t- holy shit, I slept until three o'clock, didn't I?" She groaned, squeezing her eyes shut as Caden nodded with a small smirk. "Right, of course, just my luck," Savannah said as she pulled her hair back in a messy ponytail, and flew out the door. Of course this was what Kaeli wanted to see now: A hungover mess while they were trying to seriously talk about their lives. She probably should've thought of that.