The Jump

I've waited so long for this moment-

I can't believe it's here at last.

I might seem a little reluctant,

But I can't let this oppertunity pass.

Just a few more steps

And it will just be me and the sky

I wish my friends and family could see me,

But then again- that would be a lie.

I just know they would try to stop me

But I won't let them hold me back anymore

Because I know that I have to do this-

I'v known it down to my very core.

Look down- take a breath-let it soak in

I prepare myself for the jump-three, two- one

I plunge backwards at an exillorating speed-

My last few moments are spent staring into the sun.

Hey people, you like? Yeah once again a bit dark, but that's who I am :)