A white holding room with a door.

There is a bench against the wall.

A man is sitting on the bench with his head in his hands looking down.

The man looks about 35 and is wearing jeans, a T-shirt and boots.

The door opens automatically.

A woman steps in.

The woman looks around 28 and is wearing a black jumpsuit and black boots. Her brunette hair is tide back.

JAMES: (is dazed)

BETA: Subject is a Homo sapien male weighing 72.6 kilos and measures 161.03 cm.

JAMES: (still dazed) Who the hell are you?

BETA: Blood pressure is 130/80, body temperature is 36.9 degrees centigrade, pulse rate is 72 beats per minute ...

JAMES: Did you hear me, lady?

BETA: … and oxygen levels are at 98 per cent.

JAMES: Why won't you answer me?

BETA: Subject is showing signs of anger and distress.

JAMES: (slowly gets up and looks directly at BETA) Where the hell am I?

BETA: Subject is showing a massive increase in adrenaline.

Suddenly JAMES Lunges Towards BETA. She does not move. On Contact with her, JAMES is hit with an electrical shock and falls stunned onto the ground.

BETA: Subject has attempted to make physical contact. Centauri has detected a massive imbalance in the amygdala and initiated sentry protocol. Subject is stunned; vitals remain stable.

After a while JAMES slowly gets up and sits on the bench

JAMES: (in desperation and fear) Who are you!

BETA: Subject is attempting to communicate. Language modifications at 99 per cent efficiency. Permission to engage? (holds her ear and waits for a response)Thank you, sir. (she addresses JAMES) My Name is Beta.

JAMES: (forlorn and looking at the floor) Hi, Beta; my name is James.

BETA: May we always be at peace.

JAMES: Nice to meet you too. Now will you please tell me what I'm doing in this goddam room? (bangs his hands on the bench)

BETA: We need your help, James.

JAMES: My Help? What for exactly?

BETA pauses and holds her ear again, as if waiting for further instructions.

BETA: It is very important that I am clear in my explanation. However, there is some doubt as to whether you can handle this in your current condition.

JAMES: My current condition?

BETA: Your mental stability is questionable.

JAMES: What the hell are you tryner say!

BETA: There is a loss of function in your cerebral cortex.

JAMES: Cerebral cortex feels fine to me. Now spill it!

BETA: Spill what? I do not understand.

JAMES: Spill the beans. Tell me why you need my help. I'm a big boy. I can take it.

BETA: (holds her hand to her ear) It is not recommended at this stage.

JAMES: Look, lady, (gets up and glares at her) it's just like ripping of a band aid. The sooner you rip, the sooner it's over. I need to know some time. You said it yourself. Besides, how do you know the problem with my 'mental state', as you put it, isn't owing to my being held here against my will with no clue why?

BETA: (holds her hand to her ear) I will tell you but you have to sit down.

JAMES: Hey, lady, this fella ain't dumb! Do you think I'm ganna touch you again after what happened last time? What was that? I've never seen that before.

BETA: The sentry security system is for my protection. I am asking you to sit down for your protection.

JAMES: Protection against what?

BETA: Against your mind's ability to process this information.

JAMES: My mind is fine. Now if it's all the same to you, Sweet Pea, I'd rather stand. Something tells me this ain't ganna be good news and I like to take my bad news standing.

BETA: Very well. Our world is known as Tertius and it is our species that now inhabits the place you know as Earth. Your kind was wiped out many years ago and in turn ours evolved into the planet's dominant species. However, there is a problem in our world; a major pandemic, and you were created to help us. Do you understand?

JAMES looks at BETA with an intense expression

JAMES: (begins to laugh hysterically)You got me; you almost got me! (starts to pace the room) Who's in on this? (gazes at BETA) Come on, you can tell me. (looks up) Jake! Pete! You got me guys ... You got me ...

BETA: If you think this is some kind of joke you are mistaken.

JAMES: Is that so, Sweet Pea? You're good; you're very good. You talk with such conviction. If your story wasn't so crazy I would almost believe it was true.

BETA: Believe me, James, everything I am telling you is the truth.

JAMES: (calmly)Is that so? Now tell me this (repressed anger):if what you're saying is true and supposedly all our kind was wiped out (anger),why am I still alive and stuck in this goddam room!

BETA:I explained this already. You were created.

JAMES: Created?

BETA: Yes. You were cloned from human DNA and implanted with the memories extracted from the sample blood used to extract the DNA. You are the first of your kind. A clone with memories. You have a past life and this is why we need your help.

JAMES: Come on! You can't really expect me to believe this.

BETA: Why would I not be informing you correctly? This would not be logical.

JAMES: You're going to have to give me more than that. We've only just met, lady, and if you're asking me to take your word, well, with all due respect, that's bullshit.

BETA: I can show you proof.

JAMES: And how are you going to do that, Sweet Pea?

BETA puts her hand to her head as she decides

BETA: I can show you how you were created.

JAMES: (glares intensely at BETA ) Then show me.

BETA: Very well.

(Suddenly there is a sound. James starts witnessing his creation by cloning, in his mind, and starts to panic)

JAMES: What's happening! No ... No ... No, It can't be ... No ... It can't be ... It can't be true ... No ... No ... Please stop it ... Please stop ... Please stop! Stop it!

(a sound occurs and the footage in his mind stops)

JAMES: (JAMES loses control)What have you done! What have you done! (JAMES starts hitting the wall) What have you done! What have you done!

BETA: (panics)Request subject for immediate sedation!

(There is a hissing sound and then James collapses onto the floor)