JAMES'S facial stubble has grown, which indicates a few days have passed, and he looks worn out. JAMES is hitting the door, pacing the room, and shouting.

JAMES: Let me out! Let me the fuck out!. Beta! Beta! Please, Beta! Please let me out, Beta!

BETA enters the room.

JAMES: Beta! (he moves towards her, however, he is stopped by an invisible force field that separates the room between them) What is this? Why haven't you been to see me?

BETA: (hung-over) I have not been well. I had a bad reaction to the alcohol.

JAMES: (tired and forlorn) It's called a hangover.

BETA: A hangover?

JAMES: (he presses his hand against the force field) You have to pay the price. A hangover is payback time. Do you think you get to feel that good, that confident, and that powerful for nothing? Everything comes at a price. Everything.

BETA: I agree.

JAMES: (James examines the force field) What is this? Why can't I come to you? Why are you keeping me away? You kissed me, remember?

BETA: (she ignores him) I have to discuss something with you; something very important.

JAMES: What is it? This doesn't sound good.

BETA: My superiors no longer want to test your hypothesis and are terminating the programme. They no longer believe that you can help.

JAMES: What exactly does that mean for me?

BETA: During our conversations you expressed an immense desire to self-terminate if you had to live in our world. You said you could not live with our ways and our approach to work. You said you would be the first in line to take the noose. (emotional) Those were your words.

JAMES: That's just talk. I wanna live. I wanna live in my world or yours. I don't care.

BETA: My superiors believe you would not be able to survive in our ecosystem.

JAMES: That's bullshit! Just bullshit! You said there might be somewhere I can go; somewhere to live out my days.

BETA: I believe there may be but my superiors do not agree.

JAMES: Then what does it mean Beta?


BETA: You will be terminated.

JAMES: No, Beta, no! You promised I could live. You said you'd create me a woman. You said you wasn't out for revenge; that you evolved past this behaviour. Those were your words to me.

BETA: (she starts rubbing her head) I know all that and it is true. I do not understand what is happening.

(Beta looks up and begins talking to her superiors)

Sir, subject has expressed extreme desire to live. Request cancellation of termination of subject.


No, sir, this is not correct. Subject may be able to survive. He should be given a chance.


This is not true or logical. Pollution of our genes would be impossible. A human would not be able to mate with our species. This is completely unreasonable.


No, sir.


Please. Please let him live.


Yes, sir.

(long pause. BETA looks extremely concerned)



No, sir, I would like to stay.

JAMES: Beta!

BETA: There is nothing more I can do.

JAMES: No, please! You said you do not seek revenge! That you do not seek revenge!

BETA: I'm sorry, James.

There is a hissing sound as gas starts building up on JAMES'S side of the room. He presses up against the force field.

JAMES: Go to the islands, Beta! Don't live like this. Join the exiles; learn from them. This will help your people.

BETA: (she stares at JAMES as tears start rolling down her cheeks) James!

JAMES: Beta! (he slides down the screen and collapses)

BETA stands gazing at JAMES with tears streaming down her face. The door opens. After a while she dries her face and exits the room

JAMES is left lying on the floor.

The End