Part One

S-Bot was falling through the air. Down, down, down he went, until he hit a surface. Slowly, slowly he sank helplessly, in the green depths. Small animals that could move freely in this world surrounded him, and then moved in for the attack. S-Bot was being eaten alive! He woke up and stared into space. He had had the same dream every Light Off for forty Light Offs.

One of S-Bot's server lights started to blink. He turned to go get the Master some edibles from the food room. He almost exploded with surprise when he saw a new robot holding out a package of edibles.

"What's your name?" S-Bot asked. He did not remember the Master acquiring another robot…

"EMB." the new robot replied. "What's yours?"

"My name is S-Bot." S-Bot responded in the beeping language that all of the robots aboard the SES3000 (Space Exploration Ship 3000) shared. He quickly grabbed the small package of edibles from EMB, and started down the hall. When he neared the Master's Room, he slowed to a painful crawl. The rage of the Master was terrible if It was woken up.

S-Bot entered the Master's Chamber, and quietly tore open the paper wrapping of the edibles. Slowly, he dumped the contents into the feeding tube. The Master slowly ate them.