Part Three

S-Bot was shaken awake by thumping. His escape pod had woven its way into a meteor shower! S-Bot tried to steer the escape pod through it, but only got giant holes in his pod. His pack was sucked out. So was he.

As S-Bot floated in space, and was hit with meteors, he knew that this was the end. Eventually, he would be torn apart by the jagged stones. His dream came back to him.

S-Bot was falling through the air. Slowly, this time. Down, down, down he floated and fluttered, until he landed on the surface. Slowly, slowly he swirled and spiraled, helplessly, but strangely peacefully, in the green depths.

He couldn't move freely, like the animals, this time. He swirled down, miles and miles to the bottom of the water (he knew what it was called this time,) until he reached the wonderful and deadly Plug, which easily came out, with only a slight tug to the huge chain.

The force of the green being sucked slowly through the large hole pulled S-Bot with it, where he sank, seeing blue mixed with scarlet. He finally melted in that hungry sea of angry, boiling orange.

S-Bot opened his eyes, and the only thing he saw were two meteors coming to crush and destroy him. He attempted to get out of the way, but was only hit savagely by them. They dented him horribly, and S-Bot found that he could no longer see. He knew that this was the end, and felt no emotion as he was reduced to dust.