People sometimes ask:- Why won't this generation behave? Well, here are some clues:

We had Tarzan almost naked.

Cinderella coming home after midnight while disobeying her legal guardian by being out in the first place.

Pinocchio was a compulsive liar.

Snow White lived with seven men.

Aladdin was a thief.

Batman drove at over 200 hundred miles an hour and had a serious leather fetish.

Popeye smoked and had tattoos.

Shaggy and Scooby were two hippy detectives who always had the munchies.

Let's not forget Superman—a guy so hipped up on PCP he thought he could fly and was made of steel.

Then there was Pac Man—he ran around munching pills that made him perform better while listening to music that sounds pretty electro.

Hope this explains why this generation wont behave.