Nov. 4 2012
This is my first journal, I heard a story that its bad luck to have a journal without a name. So mine is DJ.
Today was the worst day ever. It's suppose to be my big day! My sweet sixteen! I was gonna go on my first date, my first boyfriend. But when I tried to leave my dad wanted to talk so I heard him out.
That was the moment I wanted it all to be over. No I didn't want to kill myself but I didn't want to hear about this! For so long they said I'll be allowed to date when I'm sixteen. Now I am sixteen and they've said I can't date until I'm eighteen. Why would they do that to me? Can't they see I'm old enough to take care of myself?
I hate my parents so much! All I wanna do is spend some time with Zack but noooo they're all like "You're still a child, you don't need to be running around with some boy."

I wiped away a tear from my cheek before it fell on the paper. Looking back on it I was a fool. Sure it hurts like heck, but I should have known. Zack's four years older than I am, its not like we could have really been together for another two years.
Curse you young ages! Or maybe I should curse the old. I toss the old journal aside and walk over to my window. Outside the sun shines and its a calm Sunday morning.

'Dang it! Why do I always forget its Sunday!' I wonder as I run to get dressed in my church dress. Yes I go to church and have to dress 'weirdly' cause I'm not showing off everything. Sorry boys but I'm not interested. Not after I realized that Zack was a good choice in a guy, but I wasn't ready. I'm still not.

So even though it hurts, still talking to him all the time and being his best friend. I'm not ready yet. I'm still a kid, as much as I act older than I am or look older than I am I'm still not ready. I know this now, and I sure am glad. It's better than fighting for something I won't get, not for years to come anyway.