Ik ik a looot more stuff up. Wow, surprising eh? Well, i've had a lot to write about. These are all memories of people that I used to know. I feel really nostalgic, okay. The first one might be the longest. I wrote it in a car so it didn't vanish from my head even though I felt like barfing afterwords. That's how strongly it clattered around between my ears. So here's the first one...

She used to love Green Day

She knew every song

She used to make little noises when she played Cooking Mama

Her fingers always perfectly manicured, tapping the touch screen

She used to flip her silky blond hair that hung

In petite tendrils or a spiraling vine

Pink was her favorite color and then lime green

And everything was in polka dots

Her hair was tied up in the biggest bows,

The most frilly and eye-catching hair bands with little plastic beads and figures

It never missed a season, celebration, or holiday

Like some people used to collect rocks she collected sunglasses

In every brand, in every shade

She used to love reading

Her father would take out the torn and well-loved Harry Potter Series

And read it again and again

Even though they both knew she knew it by heart

She used to be geeky

She loved her glasses because she liked that she looked smarter

All her books used to be advanced science and biology books much too old for a third grader

Her number one Christmas wish list item was an expensive microscope

She loved it more than anything else

Disney Princesses- especially Sleeping Beauty- a close second

She used to eat Sugar Babies and Lemon Heads by the gallon

Her love of food never subsided

And it still amazes people because of her small figure

She used to try to save the worms squirming in the puddles after a storm

In her pink rain slicer and boots, she'd drag me outside

And put thirty or so in her little red bucket

And take them home to 'Casa De Worms'

She used to be my BFF

Now she's a hollowed corpse

A distant memory

A faint whisper of someone I used to know.

This girl and I don't talked anymore. But i do remember when we used to be best friends. I think if I really tried, I could write a whole lot more about her.