He used to wear little red cowboy boots

He used to love acting

We all thought he was gay

The first time we met, he said

I'm Aaron. I have two different colored eyes

I used to be so infatuated with him

He used to shyly show up behind his mother when she came over

And cautiously come up to talk to me

Even thought caution is no longer in his vocabulary

He used to always ask about me

If I missed a day of school

He was always the goofball

Every girl has liked him

Sometimes I like to think I know him better than anyone else

He used to hate cooties

And cried when there was a rumor about him and the witch of a girl

When he felt betrayed

Because he thought I started it

Where it was all just a misunderstanding

Yet he didn't talk to me for days after

And I was the one that felt betrayed

He went to the Ring Games with me the first time

In 5th grade- so young- so full of energy

I can't see it anymore

I want to see him read a scrip and his eyes alight with the joy it once did

Or do something not because you're being watched

But because you want to

Nothing can last forever