Prologue: Forever Holding this Hand

"Don't touch that filth." My mother exclaimed at me trying to pull me away from the dirty girl on that rainy day. I was six and seeing this girl alone on the sidewalk wet, struck a cord. I had passed plenty of homeless before that and I had never felt like this. I continued to hold that girl's hand so tight like someone that age might hold their favorite toy. My mother continued to pull me until a bright white light pulsed from the girl and I. My mother fell to her knees, tears pouring from her face.

"No, not my son, not my Jason. He's only six!" she chanted at the time I didn't know why. The police then came and took the girl and I. I was confused but didn't fuss as long as the girl and were holding hands, she also didn't mind and fell asleep leaning on my shoulder during the car ride, her beautiful long auburn hair smelled of lemon.

They drove us up a dark hill, a black gate circling the bottom of the hill. I was scared at first but then the girl woke up and looked at me with her big green eyes.

"Don't worry we'll be safe now, the bad people can't get us here." She said her face showing neither smile nor frown. We pulled up to the building it big and scary looking, the sign in front told us it was a school for the gifted. I was later told along with ten other students we would be living here until we were needed. There were more people like us at different branches and the government had just come open with the whole thing. We were approached by a tall lady, her nose was large and her hair was a odd green color. The girl stood behind me looking over my shoulder shyly.

"These two are the students, well they certainly look like polar opposites. One dirty and the other well kept, but the dirty one is more powerful in a sense just needs protecting." She smiled and tried to grab her head, I pulled us back standing more firmly in front of the girl.

"Don't touch her!" I growled, and I was shocked by my self.

"Don't worry boy I won't hurt her, I'm just looking for her mark." She smiled again and I felt calmer and let the tall woman touch the girl.

"There it is, it's a crescent of a black color. She will be a very valuable addition to the institution. Come along you two it's time to clean up." She said and we followed her our hands still together. For the first time they made us let our hands go, and she started to scream and I bite the women holding her. They whispered and muttered and it was all so strange. All I remember from that moment was the girl running to my chest and hugging me tightly. The tall women then picked us up.

"For now these two cannot be separated, it will make the boy act rash and violently and the girl could do something unspeakable with her powers. I know it is difficult so I myself will take care of these children." She announced, they all nodded in response and then the girl and I took a bath together with the super vision of the tall women.

As time progressed we stopped taking baths together but still went almost everywhere together, she even went with me when my mom came to visit. Of course she would always fall asleep.

"Happy eighth birthday Jason." She smiled at me.

"It's Mag's birthday too you know." I said. Mag didn't know her name so I picked Magnolia for her, Mag was just for short and only I could call her that.

"Yes but she's not my daughter." My mother said, she also said numerous times that Mag was the one who took me away. Mag looked at the ground sadly, holding my hand loosely.

"Where's dad?" I changed the subject, at least dad liked Mag.

"Working but, don't worry he'll come around sometime." she smiled, Mag laid her head on the table and started to drift off.

"So have you been good? Getting good grades, getting along with other kids..."

"I'm fine mom." I told her, she just frowned.

"If your not going to talk to me then I just won't come to visit!" She exclaimed standing up, I didn't answer and she just stormed out.

"I'm sorry Jason, I ruin everything..." Mag told me sitting up facing me. I put my head on her shoulder, closing my eyes letting myself weep. Once Ms. Stiller(the tall woman) came back I sat back up and quickly wiped my face. It was the first time I had cried and it wasn't because my mother nor father ever visited me again, it was because I let my mom be so mean to Mag.

Once Mag and I were ten we didn't hold hands everywhere, only at night when she would sleep would we. I didn't want to hold her hand anymore, it was just a urge and a need to protect her. I was going through that girl's are gross phase, but every night once I fell asleep Mag would sneak into my bed and hold my hand. One day I pushed her to the ground, she was annoying me going on about a man coming to get her. She didn't cry but just scurried away and didn't sneak into my bed that night. I had trouble sleeping that night and remember vaguely a very tall man walk through the room and stand at the foot of Mags bed, and when he turned to me a big sly smile was across his face and his eyes were red with black slits. A pair of children were killed that night and I remember not seeing Mag. I was so worried, so scared I had not done my job. I was so happy when I saw her I hugged her and didn't let go of her hand for the whole day it seemed. Little did I know that day was the day the hunt began.

Chapter 1: Picking the petals one by one

"Happy birthday you two!" Iris tells us with her iridescent eyes closed and a smile.

"Thanks." I tell her smiling back.

"Yeah, thank you." Mag says pulling back some of her short auburn hair, I still can't believe she got it so short. It barely passes her mark now.

"We should get to class now, we're doing battles today!" Iris exclaims excitedly, Mag starts to frown. She didn't really like doing battles because it meant that she was just helping me fight. I patted her back making her stumble forward.

"Jason!" She tells me madly, I just laugh in response and start walking without her. She scurried on next to me and let our hands just hover next to each other. We hadn't held hands since that night, nor had we been much closer. I'm just glad that we're still friends.

We enter the classroom and sit next to Devon with Iris. As the years went by Mag and I became good friends with them, it was our little family. Mr. Dallas then enters and the small class goes silent, a set of newbies were whispering like dumb asses.

"Shut your mouths when I'm talking!" Mr. Dallas yells, the newbies go silent a scared look on their faces. Mr. Dallas was a scary man, he was six feet tall and very buff, he was also the only teacher who yelled as loud as he could.

"Good, now that I have your attention it's time for a battle. Who wants to go first?" He smiles, almost everyone raises their hands at the same time. The people who have been here long enough know he picks the sets at random. All the sets had been given names and when you were called you and your partner ran down to the stage.

"Twins and Witches, get your butts down here." Mr. Dallas says, Mag and I stand up and run down. Then after us are the newbies, two girls who look like polar opposites. Then again most of do look like it. I stand on the stage putting on some goggles to protect my blue eyes so I don't get dust in them. The blue haired girl steps out letting the pink hair one stay on the sidelines.

"Opponents meet!" Mr. Dallas calls, the blue haired girl and meet in the middle and we shake hands.

"Name's April." She tells, from her grip I can tell she's nervous.

"Jason, the others call me JB." I smile letting go of her hand. I push my black bangs from over my left eye to behind my ear.

"Back to your corners!"

"Summon your weapons!" He calls again and I turn to Mag. She puts her hands together and let's out a breath, pulling her hands apart a gold light filling the gap until she stops. A sword breaks the light, it's red blade the color of blood and handle black as a raven's wings. Mag throws it to me with a smile, I smile back at her as I catch it.

I can't focus on that right now, April starts to twirl her spear a gold feather hanging from the blade.

"Ready. Fight!" He yells and we both charge each other. I get ready to jump over April, rise the ground now. Mag hears this thought and does so and I swipe my blade under April feet but she jumps over it.

"How did she know when to do that?" April says.

"We're called Twins for a reason, we can talk through thought when we battle." I explain as she thrusts her spear at me. I dodge it quickly side stepping, this was a good fight for some newbies.

"I need a new weapon June!" She yells as she thrusts again, it barely misses me as I do a back flip. The spear disappears and is replaced by a small stick, ah this is where the witch comes in. I charge toward her and then slide down as the wand spits flames at me. That was close, do you need a shield? Mag asks me, I'm too busy dodging sharp icicles to answer.

"A new twist students, bring your summoners on stage." Mr. Dallas calls, Mag and June step in. Mag stay there, you could get seriously hurt. I tell her, a frisbee wisps past me and hits June in the face knocking her down.

"I can fight too you know!" She yells at me.

"Woo go Magnolia!" Iris cheers, damn it Iris that wasn't necessary, you're just making me look like the bad guy. It's not that I don't think you can fight, I just don't want you to get hurt.

Whatever. June gets up and she looks, livid. She gets out her wand, and starts charging something. A icicle just misses me, I have to focus on April. I charge at her and slash at her, she blocks it with her wand. Mag raises a small portion of ground under April's feet, making her tumble to the ground. April doesn't get up for her comeback, and the match is over.

"The twins win again!" He calls finally and we all unsummon our weapons, and I throw off the goggles.

We start to walk off stage when I see something gleaming behind Mag. As I see it slice I push Mag out of the way and it cuts me on the cheek. Everyone gasps as I look up at the dark figure, it was him and his sly smile. Mag screams and then he just disappears. I go to Mag, she was on the floor crying. Soon Devon and Iris run down as I hug Mag to try and calm her down.

"Class is dismissed, everyone to your dorms." Mr. Dallas yells and then he too approaches us.

"Come on you four too, I don't care if you guys all go to the same room." He tells us and I carry Mag as we walk.

"Who was that?" Devon asks as we walk to his dorm, it was the closer of all four of ours. I can already tell that Mag has fallen asleep, honestly I'm really worried about her.

"I don't know but I've seen him before." I tell them.

"What really, what does he even want." Devon asks standing in front of me for a moment, his blue eyes staring into mine.

"I don't know I just remember seeing him when I was younger, he was hovering over Mag's bed when we used to share a room."

"You mean he was right there and you didn't wake us up!" Devon exclaims angerly.

"I thought it was a nightmare, the only thing that made me think he was real was when two of the others died." I tell him as I enter his dorm.

"Whatever, you can lay her on my bed." He says but I have already done so and pulled up a chair.

"Jason get over here so I can put something on your cheek." Iris says, I had totally forgotten my cheek was bleeding, but I couldn't just walk away from her.

I get up anyways, it's not like anything bad is going to happen to her. Iris puts the disinfectant on my cheek, which stings but, I don't let it phase me. She then puts a patch over it, Devon locks the dorm door. We had been properly prepared in case there was a intruder, and we could also defend ourselves against almost anything. This reminded me of when we were kids, Devon and I would always fight and Iris and Mag would patch us up. Things were so simple then.

"Where am I?" Mag says sitting up, Devon is the first one to her.

"In my dorm with the rest of us." He says.

"Oh." She says rubbing her eyes, I sit at the foot of the bed.

"Are you okay now?" I ask her, she just seems to ignore getting closer to my face. She puts her hand on my chin and turns my head so she can see the patch.

"I'm sorry, I got you hurt." She tells me pulling away her hand and looking down.

"Oh Magnolia it's not your fault." Iris says before I can say anything.

"Yeah it was that guy who was trying to attack you." Devon says.

"Who is he anyway?" Iris asks putting her hand on Mags shoulder. Mag went into a ball, burying her face.

"I'm not sure." She stutters and I knew she was lying, I wasn't going to pry though. Even if I didn't know who this guy was, I was still going to protect her from him. We all stopped asking questions about it after that, just sitting there in silence.

There was a knock on the door, we all just stared at the door waiting.

"It's me Ms. Stiller, please let me in." She says, Devon then goes to the door and unlocks it. Ms. Stiller walks in as tall as ever in a gray pin stripe dress that matched the walls of the hallways.

"Is everyone alright?" She asks as Devon closes the door behind her, he then locked it once again.

"Yes we're all fine Ms. Stiller." Iris tells her, I look at Mag, I could see the pools of water forming. I grab her hand and she squeezes it tightly.

"Good, good. Jason and Magnolia can you please come with me?" Ms. Stiller asks.

"Yes of course." I tell her, Mag gets up after me, our hands no longer together. We leave Iris and Devon there.

We walk through the empty hallways with Ms. Stiller, I wonder why she needs to talk to just us. It seems rather strange.

I can tell Jason is lost in his mind again, he always questions everything. He thinks there is going to be some hidden meaning or something. I want to hold his hand, the feeling that I'm getting is relentless and I...

I have to take matters into my own hands; I have to go with the man or he's going to hurt someone, like Jason. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to him because of me, I would surely die I'm sure. Ms. Stiller takes us into her office and locks the door after us, she sighs adjusting her ponytail.

"As you both can tell, that man is here for Magnolia. I believe it's time I told you the story of people like you came to be. Especially what makes Magnolia more special then the others."

"What do you mean more special?" Jason questions, I know the facts. I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to stop this nightmare. I know, I know I'm a monster. The only reason Jason is here with me is because of me, I don't want him to know. I don't want the only person I've ever loved to hate me.