Chapter 1-

"Mirajane Phung and Nathan Barnes please raise your hands, you two will be the first pair."

Snapping her head up at the sound of her name, Mirajane cautiously raised her hand. Who in the world was Nathan Barnes, she wondered. Mirajane curiously scanned the classroom, looking for her partner, the other raised hand.

Biting her lip, Mirajane caught another hand being lazily raised. Following that hand in the back of the room, to see that her partner was already staring directly at her...

...And he was giving her the coldest glare she had ever seen. His eyes were piercing and harsh, they were filled with contempt and hate. The forest green orbs were beautiful, almost angelic, it seemed wrong for something so lovely to give such a dark look.

Literally lost in his eyes, Mirajane continued to stare. Her caramel gaze was unwavering, filled with only curiosity. Why is he giving me such a cold glare? What did I ever do to him? Does he even know me? Thoughts circulated her mind as she tried to grasp what Ms. Tiger was trying to tell her.

"Ms. Phung?"

It seemed to go through one ear and out the other.

Clearing her throat, Ms. Tiger called out louder, "Ms. Phung?"

"Hmmmm?" Mirajane replied distractedly. She wasn't even looking at the teacher, her eyes were still locked on Nathan's glaring ones.

"I would appreciate it very much if you were to put your hand down and pay attention to me while I talk." Ms. Tiger's lips were pressed into a disappointed frown.

Blinking back almost owlishly, Mirajane's focus immediately flew to her art teacher.

Quickly registering what Ms. Tiger had said, Mirajane gasped lightly and apologized. "Oh my, I'm very sorry Ms. Tiger!" With that said, she lowered her arm down, a sheepish smile framed her face.

Ms. Tiger nodded approvingly and looked to the man next to her. "I'll let Mr. Sato read the next pair."

Quickly drifting off into her own world, Mirajane began a small doodle on the corner of her opened notebook. His eyes, she mused, was a glorious color. She wanted to paint such beautiful orbs.

Still completely unaware of what was going on in class, Mirajane continued her sketch of what seemed to be an eye. She sighed wistfully as she wished she had her paints, or at least color pencils to finish the mini drawing off.

Continuing the oblivion to her surroundings, she started another doodle, this time a plate of French macaroons. Her stomach ached in excitement, because she knew she was going to get some during lunch.

Hearing the sound of something slapping the desk, Mirajane was awaken from her reverie.

Her fluttering caramel eyes clashed with forest green ones.

Totally unaware that her staring was very obvious, Mirajane's jaw dropped a little. Not only did Nathan have beautiful eyes, he had a handsome face to match. Long, brown lashes lined his catlike eyes, and his perfectly sculpted cheekbones accentuated his attractive face. His pale red lips curved into a satisfying smirk.

"Done checking me out yet?"

Turning tomato red, Mirajane diverted her attention to the doodles on her notebook. Clearing her throat hoping she won't stutter, she tittered confidently.

"I was merely thinking of ways to fit you on the canvas," she replied hauntingly, hoping it sounded better out loud than in her head.

Raising an elegant brow, Nathan leaned in, closing in on her flushing face.

"Oh don't mind me, I'm just looking at the girl I'm suppose to be taking a portrait of. However," he sneered rudely, "you're so ugly, I don't think I'm going to do it."

Mirajane's caramel eyes widened, they seemed to bug off her face. She opened her mouth to retaliate, only to close it a moment after. Carefully studying him, she saw he was still sneering, but his expressive eyes told another story.

An apologetic and guilty one.

"Okay, but don't blame me when you fail the project," she said while her voice trailed off.

Rolling his eyes, he plopped into the empty desk next to her.

"I don't care about failing, but that won't mean I'll make you fail," Nathan told Mirajane softly, his face relaxed into a neutral look.


He nodded at her, she took that as an affirmative to continue.

"Why are you sitting here again?" she asked curiously.

"To answer to your inquiry," he nodded towards the two art teacher's direction, "We were told to go to our partners and introduce ourselves and such."

"I see..."


"Since I'm not planning on failing this project, do you know when's a good time we can meet up?"

"How about today? Right after school?" Nathan suggested.

Shaking her head profusely, Mirajane declined.

"I can't, I have something I must do today..."

"Alright then, how about after school on Wednesday?"

"Eep," she squeaked, two days from now?

"Most definitely no can do!"

Rolling his eyes looking a bit miffed, "Well then..."

"Sunday morning?" she offered quietly.

"Sure, whatever you want," he replied lazily.

Smiling brightly, she nodded. "Great!" she chirped excitedly.


Mirajane bite her lip at the tone of his voice. It was icy and monotone, he sounded like he didn't want to be anywhere near her.

Attempting to avoid his eyes, Mirajane scanned the classroom, hoping to catch familiar eyes.


Whipping her head in the direction her name was called, Emily looked quite model-esque. Her long, auburn hair framed her tan face. Beautiful, big brown eyes were hidden behind her prescription glasses. A tiny smirked adorned her face. She had a little baby fat left in her cheeks adding more to her adorableness.

Bouncing over like an excited bunny, Emily had bright smile painted on her face.

"Hi Mira!" she exclaimed. Mirajane couldn't help but to giggled at her friend's bubbly personality.

Addressing Nathan, Emily introduced herself.

"Hello there! I'm Emily Phung, a Junior, and in Ms. Tiger's Painting Class," Emily smiled genuinely as she extended her hand out for a handshake.

With a nod and a gruff, he also extended his hand out to shake. However, he didn't say a word to the girl.


An awkward pause fell between the trio as Emily gave Nathan an incredulous look, and Nathan staring back, with Mirajane looking intently at her hands on her lap.

"It, uh, looks like it's going to rain soon," Mirajane softly said, hoping to break the tension between the two.


"Why yes it does Mira! I guess that means I can finally wear my new rain boots," Emily squealed. She flashed Mirajane a gorgeous smile as she thumped Nathan's back.

"Don't you think so too?"


Emily giggled loudly, "You two are more awkward than those middle schoolers down the street! What is it they say nowadays," she tapped her chin as she furrowed her brows together, "Oh yeah! Awkward turtle!"



Shaking her head miserably, Mirajane dropped her head on the desk, basking in the cool touch of the desk. Oh lord, she thought, way to make things more awkward and weird Emi.

"Don't ever," Mirajane began as she slowly raised her head, "ever, say that again," she finished deadpan.

Her voice was somber and she spoke as if she was talking about something with the upmost importance. Along with her tense, caramel doe eyes, her cheeks were flushed and slightly puffed. Baby pink lips curved into a pout showcasing her seriousness. While she was feeling serious, she looked nothing like it.

"You look like a baby," Nathan scoffed as he rolled his eyes. Inwardly, he thought, she looked like a very cute baby...