July 21, 1821

As the wild storm rages on, "Why must you do this to me?"

"Do you think I want to? My father demands it!" the cold raindrops wash down my face, ruining my gown, and making me shiver like a flag in the breeze. I turn towards the plantation manor, "I'm going inside. Resolve this yourself."

"I don't care! You shouldn't either! If you really loved me, you wouldn't!" his ragged clothes are already soaked. He's a slave, and I'm his owner's daughter. A forbidden romance.

"I – I don't know." I'm torn between my duty as a daughter and the love I feel. Why, when I have found my true love, does Father decide to have me in an arranged marriage?

"If it has to be this way, tell me, how long until then?" his voice shakes, even though he's yelling over wind and rain.

"A week."