Mary had just finished playing for the eighth grade graduation. She went back stage to put her instrument away. One of the cellists, Conor, made a show of putting his cello away on the rack, taking as much time as possible. Soon they were they were the only ones left in the room. He seemed to be leaving when he tripped over a chair close by and he cried out as he fell. Mary, thinking nothing of it, continued with cleaning her instrument and sorting through the music in her folder. She was almost ready to leave when she looked over to see Conor still on the floor. He was crying silently where he had fallen. Mary ran over.

"Are you okay?" Mary asked.

"Not really," said Conor through deep breaths as he attempted to calm himself down.

Mary helped him sit up. She dragged him over to an open area. He held onto Mary and wouldn't let go even after she had him settled in a comfortable position. She hugged him awkwardly until his sobs subsided. She slowly let go, sitting next to him. She couldn't read the expression on his face.

"Thanks," he said, filling the silence that had settled between them. Their eyes met.

Conor was leaning forward. Mary knew she shouldn't but she did. Mary and Conor were kissing when the door was opened. Conor and Mary hastily pulled apart. Jake came through the door. He looked over at Mary and Conor. Conor had a tear stained face and an unbuttoned shirt, and Mary's hair was let loose.

"What's going on?" he asked suspiciously.

"Oh, um . . . I was helping Conor. He tripped and did something to his ankle. . . ." Mary answered.

"And why were you so close?"

"She was checking on my foot," answered Conor.

"And that requires your shirt to be open?" asked Jake.

"I was checking for bruises," said Conor quickly. Jake got what he needed and left still looking at the pair of them suspiciously.

"Well," said Mary running her hands along his chest, "I don't feel anything bruises."

Conor smirked and pulled Mary in for a deeper kiss. They left the room a while later. When Conor rounded the corner, Mary knelt down against the wall and started crying. She didn't realize that Stephen, one of the students who had just graduated, was coming around the corner to get his things. He saw her crying, recognized her and wondered what she was doing and what made her so upset. He went over to her and sat down. Stephen put his arm around her shoulders. Mary had no idea who was comforting her, but she leaned into their chest and sobbed. Stephen stroked her hair and rubbed her back until she calmed down. Through all the sobbing, she seemed to have passed out. Stephen carried her to the closest room, orchestra room that she had just come out of. He was exceedingly worried when she didn't wake up quickly. He shook Mary's arm just enough to wake her up. She opened her eyes to find Stephen looking down at her in concern.

He leaned over her and kissed her lips lightly. Mary responded slowly; at first, she was in shock, but she soon contributed, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer.

The door creaked open. Conor, having forgotten something, had come back to the room for it. Conor, so far not having gotten their attention, gasped; Stephen and Mary looked up to find Conor staring at them. Conor, seeming to have come to his senses, got what he came for and left. There were no more in disturbances the rest of their time together.