Mary had just finished her water polo practice. Their school's girl team and guy teams had practice together over Christmas break. Over all it was a fairly nice practice; the girls learned a lot while the guys perfected what they learned during their season.

Mary was just walking out to the area where she was supposed to wait for her mom, but was soon forcibly guided by a pair of strong hands to the little corner behind the wall she was supposed to be waiting at. The hands that guided her were firm and unyielding. She was pressed against the wall, and she dropped her bag. The owner of the rough hands spun her around, and she came face to face with dark brown eyes. She could barely register who the owner of the chocolate eyes were before he roughly pressed his lips to hers. Daniel Waller kissed her forcefully, his hands on her waist pushing himself closer to her and pushing her into the wall behind her. Mary pushed him away successfully after recovering from shock.

Gasping for air, she asked, "I though you had a girlfriend?"

"She doesn't have to know," he replied before kissing even more roughly. Mary didn't want this at all, and soon Daniel's hands began to wander. Mary tried to push him off again, but one of his hands went up to catch her wrists to pin them on the wall. He continued to kiss her and brought the hand that wasn't occupied with her wrists to the hem of her shirt. Mary's eyes began to tear up, unbeknownst to Daniel, and they were soon spilling over with tears. She closed her eyes, hoping to make it all go away, but all of a sudden, she couldn't feel Daniel's grip on her wrists and his lips left hers.

She opened her eyes to find him on the floor clutching his head and Stephen Harvey looking down at him. Stephen looked over at Mary with a sympathetic smile before going over to carefully embrace the shaken girl. Mary fell apart again in his arms while he stroked her back and whispered soothing words to her. When she was clam, he looked her in the eyes before kissing her cheeks to wipe away the tears. He gave her a small smile, grabbed her bag, helped her up, and pulled over into one more hug before sending her to her mom who had been waiting for quite some time in the car on the other side of the wall.