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"Okay, I'm sick of this, spill the beans Mad." Ella says, closing her locker and leaning against it to face me. I raise a curious eyebrow at her.

"What are you talking about?"

"You've been acting weird the last couple of days, and no offense, but you look like shit. When's the last time you got a solid eight hours of sleep?" We fall into stride, exiting the school and heading towards the parking lot. I immediately tense at her words, silently wondering when Ella started paying attention to someone besides herself.

I swallow, trying to think of something believable. "Just, you know, family stuff. I'll be fine."

We reach her yellow convertible and my car is parked next to hers. I instinctively do a double check of the parking lot, making sure no punk ex-best friends are hanging around. When I notice the coast is clear, I look back at her, unable to tell if she bought my excuse or not. She eyes me for a minute before shrugging,

"Whatever. If you want to talk or something, call me Bitch. It's what I'm here for." She reaches out to hug me and I roll my eyes, but smile despite myself and lean into her. Once she releases me, she gets into her car and I sigh in relief, digging my keys out of my purse and getting into my own. I start my engine and I'm ready to get the hell out of here when I hear tapping at my window. Shifting my gaze to the left, I see the brunette standing there. I roll my window down, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, Miss Sargenti?" I ask sarcastically. She smirks, leaning her arms against my rolled down window, her face unnecessarily close to my own.

"That was a nice, heart felt moment between you two back there. I bet your guy's slumber parties are real interesting." She wiggles her eyebrows suggestively and I smack her shoulder, forcing her to stand up and back away from me a little bit.

"Jealous?" I ask, smiling sweetly.

Her eyes roll dangerously in her head, and a low laugh escapes her lips. "Of what, exactly? Losing my best friend or losing you to someone like her?."

Okay, not the kind of jealousy I was talking about. Nor did I want to get into a serious conversation.

My face softens. "Brooke, I -"

But she smiles, slapping my arm through the open window. "Relax, Mad. The day I start being jealous of someone like her is the day I might as well throw in the towel. I get why you're friends with her. But can I just make something clear?" Her eyes glimmer and she moves her face back to being a little too close to mine.

"What's that?"

"I've seen Ella naked in the locker room. I guarentee you my boobs are bigger than hers. And they're real, too." My mouth drops open, but before I have a chance to reply shes winking at me and walking off to her own car. I sit there, mouth hanging near the ground, unable to do anything but blink. A few minutes later, the sound of my cell phone vibrating snaps me out of my reverie. One new text message:

Meet me at the library at six. And close your mouth, it's not very attractive.


I find myself at the library at five fourty-five, picking at the run down wood of the table I sat down at. I'm thinking way too hard to concentrate on anything productive, but I'm still not getting anywhere in my head. I feel so many emotions surging through my brain that I feel like throwing up. On one hand, this little game of cat and mouse that Brooke and I were playing was slightly entertaining and gave me something to distract myself from the mundane routine of my life. At the same time, I am very aware that I'm playing with fire and when feelings are involved, especially feelings that have already been damaged, I should be being more responsible.

I sigh, frustrated and stand to go get a cup of coffee from across the street when I see her enter. She's changed clothes, and instead of the baggy t-shirts and jeans she usually wears to school, she's clad in a tight pair of skinny jeans and a form fitting tank top. I curse under my breath, say a mumbled prayer to God, and force a fake smile on my face as she walks towards me.

"Well, don't you look... strung out." She says approaching me. My eyebrows shoot up and I stand up.

"Excuse you?" I ask, my hand swinging out in front of me to gesture. Unfortunately the amount of caffiene I've taken in in the last few hours doesn't help, and I knock my bottle of water over, spilling it all over the table.

"Jesus, Mad!" She says, grabbing my purse off the table to shield it from the water. I accept the towel handed to me by the librarian and silently clean it up, sitting down and sighing, my hands rubbing my temples. A few beats pass before I feel Brooke sliding down next to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Okay, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you haven't eaten a decent meal or slept right in awhile. The library is the last place you need to be. Come on, let's go back to my place. I'll make you some tacos and we'll work on the project somewhere a little more comfortable. I'll even drive you home and take the bus back."

I glance sideways at her, staring awhile, trying to figure out her angle here. Once I realize she's being sincere, I relent, standing up. She follows suit and without even thinking I walk to her car, getting in. "You can just drop me back off at my car later... I'm not in the mood to drive right now."

She nods without looking at me, starting her car. "Whatever you want, Mad."

"Why are you being so nice to me?" I ask, fiddling with my purse.

She shrugs, placing her right arm on the middle counsole. "Because despite everything, I still care about you. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see you're a basket case. I just can't figure out why, exactly. If being around me is making you this uncomfortable, I don't -"

My hand grabs her arm and she stops speaking. "Don't. Just, stop while you're ahead."

She glances my direction for a moment and gives me her half smile. And for the first time in awhile, I smile back.

As we pull into her drive way, I notice that her house looks almost the same as it did years ago. Perhaps a fresh paint job, but that was about all I could tell was different. As far as I could tell, her parents weren't home and I was glad for that. I wasn't in the mood to deal with the emotions that would come with seeing them again. We walk inside and just the smell of her house sends my brain into overdrive, flooding with memories. We silently walk upstairs to her room and once I'm inside, I suck in a deep breath and sit down on her bed, not releasing it for a few more seconds. She stares at me, an eyebrow raised, almost waiting for me to explode. Finally she throws her book bag on the floor and sits across from me on her computer chair.

"For some reason, I don't think we're going to get any work done tonight." I hear myself say, sitting more upright.

Her eyes turn darker, and I notice goose bumps form on her arms. A good two minutes of silence pass. "You're right," She finally says, "because you're going to lay down and close your eyes for twenty minutes while I make us some food. And then you and I are going to have a little chat."

She stands up, grabbing a blanket off the end of her bed and handing it to me, distancing herself from me at the same time. Nervous? I think to myself.

"A little chat?" I ask, smirking and laying back on her bed, draping the blanket over myself.

She smiles, turning away to walk downstairs. "Sorry if I got your hopes up; bringing you upstairs to my bed and all."

"You wish!" I say laughing, and she flips me off before exiting her room. As I lay my head down to sleep, I can't help but smile. And right now, it feels pretty good.