The world of Phoenicia is unbalanced.

War, violence, death, hatred, ideals the world has relived thosands of times over.

They are a part of the cycle. The system the people have relived, over and over, generation through generation.

Phoenicia always has a way of balancing itself out, of finding the light at the end of every dark tunnel.


Scars are impossible to completely heal. Long ago, a gash too deep was made in the world.

Twenty-seven years prior, our once petty human struggles evolved into a conflict worth killing thousands.

The bombing of Sterilis. The massacre of the eastern country's people. The annihilation of the land.

The attack nobody could possibly ever forget. No matter how hard they tried.

What once existed as the green land of earth became a radiated desert of extinction. The grass withered into the barren sands, the animals dropped one by one from the blazing hot sunlight. Everything that once had been sank into the ground itself.

All hope was lost. The loss of hope caused a loss of faith, the loss of faith caused a loss of a god to pray to, the loss of Aion himself caused a loss of all magic. A massive domino effect, all leading to a sense of loss within the people.

The gods took no part in this catastrophe. The one symbol of hope in the world vanished from the heavens, never heard from again throughout the following years.


In a country where the people are empty inside, a spark of faith rises anew within a few special humans. Can they ignite the warmhearted passion in this dead country to bring balance to Phoenicia once again?

A race against time. A journey across the world. A hopeless quest for the missing gods.

They have been chosen.

They must do the impossible.

The future of our dying country depends on their success.