Is there anywhere safe in this ravaged world?

Who can we turn to in times of need?

Where can we possibly seek refuge in times like now?

When a safe shelter becomes a land of hatred, our own simple understanding of the world becomes distorted. It is a scary, terrible thing.

People say the planet has its own way of throwing the people out of balance.

I think the complete opposite.

It is always our own fault, humans are always to blame for this violent mess we created.

Is it natural for humankind to create hatred out of nothing?

There is always a reason behind our feelings, either good or bad.

Is it natural for people to laugh at the spilled blood and wild chaos of others?

Evil lurks behind the faces of those who find happiness with violence and fear.

Is it natural for an entire country to completely reverse its defining principles in a matter of seconds?

Something is wrong in the land of Phoenicia. A new danger arises, one more powerful than the threat of the world war, gods, or even the Phoenix itself.

This magic must be put to a stop, before it is too late.

If we are not successful, a new enemy may arise, one more powerful and surprising than ever before in the history of mankind.

Our brother and sister Phoenicians need our help.

Let us seek solace in a land of chaos.

Now is the time to take action.