Out of the chamber
Not that I remember
Night in late December
The blood's red as amber
The light blinds me
So much I can't see.
This might, no certainly
Is the start of misery.
Rising through the ranks
Of society it will crank
As I go, then we drank
So much all is blank
My life is full of sins
Even daemons haven't seen
All my deeds. I was keen
To commit them, drunk on gin
I walked the dark street
Where nothing is strict
Made me do kill streaks
Hoping to completely strip
Last of my humanity
I no longer need really.
Dearly, I wish truly
This was not the
Life I should took on
Now I'm just alone
With the murder in tone
Consisting my voice torn
Off to reveal scars.
Driving a shit car
I can feel the black tar
Sticking too low and far
Light in brightest red
Dawns on my head
Full of hatred, too bad
I can't go mad
Dear angel up high
So much blight I sigh
How to be judged, lies?
No conscience so it dies
Forever this solitude
Chokes me with attitude
Pushing the bar high in latitude
Best to leave it to choose.
Falling, but no ends.
Like stuck firmly with pins
I cannot maneouver in any means
Out there to kill teens
Wind swiftly takes my heart
Away from where it hurts
My vision gradually blurs
Mouth is working, but only curses
On the path to last destination
With so much shed in hesitation
The judgement waits. In resignation
I lift my head up. The falling strike.
Came down.

Author's Note:

Black-tar: Cigarette

Self-confession for the hardships and its probable consequences; downfall of my life, hatred of myself for not being able to improve things.