(A/N:) Dum da duuuuum! This is a "side story" of my story. I don't know if it should actually be part of the actual story line or listed as technical fanfiction. Ah well, we'll see.

Neal glared at the clock. It was 6:29, and he was the only one who had actually shown up for the meeting that started in less than a minute. He hated all of them. Well, almost all of them. He held no distaste for Evandar. He thought he looked rather strapping with his sweater vests; there was no need for him to change into those commonplace clothes he so often wore.

At that moment, a very hurried Evandar was running through the halls, trying desperately to make the last stretch of classrooms in less than the 21 seconds before he was late. He was never late. And goddammit today would not be the first time! He burst into the small office and immediately glanced at the clock. 3 seconds left. YES!

"Sorry I was almost late. Paint, possums, a dead engine…It was impossible to get out of the house this morning."

Neal merely pursed his lips. "You were running. In the halls. Quickly, it seems. I should give you a demerit."

"Oh hell, Neal! I'm on time! And I actually showed up! That has got to count for something!"

"Language. You've already racked up two and you haven't been here a minute yet!"

"Whatever, Neal." Evandar muttered. Geez, that guy could be such a tight-ass sometimes…

"I-I was joking. Jokes are normal in friendships, correct? I thought we could consider each other friends. Did it not go well?"

What. Neal told a joke? What kind of sorcery was this? Ever the one to keep his cool, Evandar constructed an eloquent response to this anomaly. "Oh."

"Sorry. I will not do it again." Neal actually looked shameful, like a child caught doing something wrong.

"No, it's alright, it's a nice change. Just…unexpected. Hey, humor me for the next two hours till school starts, okay?"

"I don't follow…"

"Just shut up and sit there."


Evandar squinted. "Commence with the shushing please…"

Neal fell silent, and wondered what exactly would take 2 hours and require him to sit still and be quiet. To his relief-and the smallest shred of disappointment-all Evandar did was rest his head on his lap.

"I am dead tired. Stayed up all night working on Oludipe's project, and then had to be up at 5 to get here on time. So basically, no sleep, seeing as I finished it at 3. Right now, I really need a nap and a pillow. You're the pillow. You're squishy and soft. Hey, do you think you could call some sort of leader rendezvous during 1st period? I've got keyboarding, and sleeping in here will be much more productive than 'learning' how to type. The more sleep I can get in me, the better. I tend to be very rash when I'm tired…"

Neil tried very, very hard not to think about the fact there was a very attractive-by other's standards, not his, because he was straight and never thought about him like that, out loud anyway-guy's with his head in his lap. That would be bad, because there was a very attractive guy with his head in Neal's lap. He made a strangled "Nrgh" before realizing that wasn't an actual response.

"I…all right, fine."

"Thanks. You're the best. I owe you one." Neil shrugged, and watched as Evandar's breathing became deeper, spending the next two hours absentmindedly stroking Evandar's hair as he slept, and wondering what exactly that one favor could be used for.


Nate bounced into the student council office, 3 minutes before the bell. "Hey, I came to grovel for your forgiveness for missing the meeting this morning. I was kind of-whoa. This is new. Geez, Evandar. First Annabelle, then Jamie, now Neal? You've got some serious charm, and I'm now starting to question your sexuality."

"Lemme 'lone. Neal's comfy. And he's mine." At this, Evandar shifted to where he was sitting up, and wrapped his arms around Neal's neck, and leaned into him, all while sitting on his lap.

"Ooookay. I'm going to leave now and tell everyone this room is off limits for what, another hour? You two have fun doing whatever it is you're going to do…" And with that, he slowly backed out of the room.

"So," Evandar yawned sleepily, "what are we going to do for the next hour?"

"I thought you were going to sleep."

"I was. But now I'm wide awake. Tired, but wide awake. And you're here! We should do something! Fun! Together!" Neal felt his heart jump a beat as those last couple of words left Evandar's lips.

'What could he possibly mean by fun?' he thought to himself. He didn't want to admit it but he was just a tad bit curious on what Evandar had in mind. 'He couldn't possibly be thinking of—'

However, Neal's thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of soft wet lips pressed against his. Evandar knew he would get murdered for this later, but something about Neal turned him on this morning. And he just HAD to do something about it.

The two parted ways for a moment to stare at each other. To Evandar's dismay he saw Neal's gaze sharpen but then shockingly soften as HE was then the next one to initiate the attacking of Evandar's lips.

'WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! THIS IS WRONG!' was all Neal could think as he felt Evandar's lengthy arms find their way around his neck. But it felt so good….

Evandar let out a low moan into Neal's mouth, begging for more. Neal took a chance and extended his tongue slowly caressing Evandar's lower lip, causing the lean brunette to gasp allowing him entrance to explore his mouth. Evandar moaned even louder as Neal's tongue battled his own for dominance. He reluctantly moved away from Neal's mouth as he traveled down to his neck and placed lingering wet kisses along his jaw line.

"That feels…nice." Neal panted as he felt Evandar tracing kisses down his neck. His breath was caught in his throat as he felt nimble shaky fingers unbuttoning his shirt but relaxed as he felt his shirt drop to the floor and hands trace around his skin.

"This isn't fair." And as that last thought escaped, he pinned Evandar to the wall and attacked his lips again. "Why do I have to be the only one shirtless?" he growled into the other boy's ear as he removed the external (and very attractive) sweater vest and the polo shirt that came with it.

Evandar has never seen this side of Neal, and frankly, he kind of liked it. The two boys continued to make out viciously until Evandar felt something hard against his leg.

"Well someone's excited," he said playfully, getting a shocked blush from Neal that he didn't think anyone on this planet had ever seen. "Let me take care of that," he said as he unbuttoned the slightly taller boy's pants, revealing Neal's obvious need for attention.

Evandar shoved Neal into his office chair, not letting him say a word before he removed his underwear and began suckling slightly on his hardened member. A low moan that almost sounded like a lion's growl before it began to roar rose in Neal's throat. It sort of amused Evandar to see him like this. He took more of Neal in erecting another moan from the both of them. It was clear he needed him. NOW.

"Better make this fast," he thought to himself has he continued to blow Neal. Neal felt this weird feeling in the lower part of his stomach he'd never felt before. After several minutes of the painful ecstasy of Evandar's warm mouth, Neal finally reached his climax, letting out a sort of high pitched yell as he released into the mouth of Evandar, who simply licked his lips and smiled. Coming down from his new found high, Neal smirked at him before growling words that sent shivers down Evandar's spine.

"My turn." Evandar found himself placed on Neal's desk before he felt his partner climb on top of him. Neal swiftly removed the rest of Evandar's clothes before also noticing the other boy's need. "I'm not the only one who's excited," he teased as he ground their members together, causing Evandar's face to twist into pleasurable pain.

"T-TEASE!" he choked out. "I need you. NOW!" he panted. Neal smiled and ran his hand down Evandar's chest lightly brushing over his erection teasing him more. "NOW!" Evandar barked, clearly getting impatient.

'I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing,' Neal thought as he positioned himself at Evandar's entrance. Truth be told, he was actually kind of scared. Neal? Scared? No, never. Who would even think of such idiocy.


Evandar's raspy voice interrupted his thoughts. "You don't have to if you don't-"

"NO, I want to." Neal said before sliding into Evandar. He had never backed down from any challenge, and this was not going to be the first.

Evandar moaned loudly as he felt all of Neal enter him. He had never imagined doing this. With Neal. Not this Neal. He needed to adjust to the thought, and Neal's size.

Neal slowly moved back and forth causing Evandar to moan even louder. "Faster," Evandar demanded as Neal began to quicken his thrusts. "Nnagh…Evandar, this feels amazing," Neal panted as he went even faster. Evandar began calling Neal's name aloud as he felt his climax nearing. "Fuck, I'm so close!" Evandar's moans and cursing, normally an irritation for Neal, were now so erotic, it turned him on even more.

Neal could feel that strange feeling rising again. After what seemed like several eternities later, but was really a minute or so, Evandar called out Neal's name in a soprano pitch—one he didn't know he could reach-as he came all over the desk, and Neal. Neal soon followed Evandar in his climax and emptied himself into his…friend, was it?

Tired from the event, Neal collapsed onto Evandar who was still breathing heavily. The two sweaty teens snuggled on the desk as they caught their breath. "That was amazing," Neal whispered into Evandar's neck.

Evandar pulled him away to look at him. "Will….will we ever do this again? I mean, this isn't just a one-time thing, is it?"

Neal only blushed and softly gave Evandar a lingering kiss as he mumbled, "I-it won't."

The two lay down calmly on the desk, not noticing the "Record" light beeping from the shadows of the air ducts.