The Beast Inside

That animal locked up so tight

In her cage inside my soul

She never used to get the best of me

No, I never did lose control

But sometimes, I guess, that beast does get my best

And takes a swing between the iron bars

She does her worst when blinded by emotion

Something said in innocence and I

Just sink my teeth in and started shaking

Unable to hold off that beast inside

Ripping, tearing, shredding

Everything she gripped

Her soul is strong

Though I am too

The wash of unused rage still took over like a tidal wave

Breaking open the beast's cage

After all the damage done

After all was thought to be over

The beast did turn her rage on me

Calling for a blade

Refused her harmful wishes

She did lock herself away

My will be strong

Though not like hers

Through moral not through force

I beat back the horrid beast inside