Hey! This is something I came up with while watching a few shows. It couldn't be ignored, so I put it into a story. Here's the first chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Have you ever had those moments when you wonder how nice it would be to be…well, normal? Ever since the accident, those moments have been with me constantly. Usually some sort of monster causes those moments. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

My name's James Byrdsong. Don't laugh – that's my real last name. I'm fourteen years old, and I go to Shelton High School. Not the best place to go for an education, but what you get is what you get. I have a thirteen-year-old sister named Fiona, but most of us call her Fi.

We're both normal children. Well, almost. There's one little detail I'm forgetting…

Oh, right. The powers. I should talk about those, huh? Well, it started when we went on a field trip to Professor Yumdar's science lab.

Shelton High was busy with teenagers. It was a normal day, at first. Masses of young adults were wandering around, waiting for the bell to ring. In that crowd, I was minding my own business when –


I looked to my right, where the voice had come from. When I saw who it was, I relaxed.

"Hey, Brian," I greeted. Brian and I have been friends since…I can't even remember. It's like our parents were in a pact before we were even born.

"So, what's new with you?" Brian asked.

I shrugged. "Nothing much. How about you?"

"The forums are dead," my friend replied with a sigh. He took his iPhone out and showed me the list of roleplaying forums.

I rolled my eyes. Brian had an annoying addiction to roleplaying. His main source was a site named Fiction Press. Don't get me wrong; there are some wicked stories on there. But the roleplays? It was too much, in my opinion.

"Don't worry, Brian," I assured him. "I'm sure everyone else is just busy doing other stuff. Like living their life."

"I guess you're right," Brian agreed reluctantly.

"Speaking of lifeless," I murmured, looking around. "Where's –"

"Miss Victoria Kellings I have told you countless times not to walk through these halls with your nose in a book!" Brian and I turned to see our vice principal, Mr. Neller, scold our friend. Victoria, or Vic, looked up from her book.

"Sorry, Mr. Neller," she said sheepishly. "It's just so good that I – "

"Will put it down immediately," Mr. Keller finished for her. "Now, get to class!"

"Yes sire." Vic sighed. She went to where Brian and I were standing.

"Hey Vic!" Brian greeted.

"Good morning, Brian. James. " She glared at me.

I sighed. "Nice to see you too, Vic."

Vic and I had a relationship that was as predictable as Texas weather. One day we were helping each other with school work. The next we were arguing about who was smarter. Sure enough, we were both really smart. Vic read a lot of books. I just paid attention in class. We had both gotten 100s on our exams.

"Going so low?" I asked. "Are you that keen on being better than me?"

"Yes," Vic replied. "I am. And I intend to kick your butt on Ms. Gregory's geometry test tomorrow."

I grinned. "Bring it."

"Wait," Brian said. "We have a test tomorrow?"

Vic and I looked at him. We both nodded.

"Ohhh no…" Brian ran his hands through his hair, gripping tufts of it in a comical expression of anxiety.

"You forgot about it, didn't you?" Vic asked. Her tone of of voice betrayed her lack of surprise.

"Well, I," Brian began. He faltered and looked at his shoes. "Yes."

"Don't worry, Bud," I said to Brian, patting his shoulder in reassurance. "You still have a night to study."

Brian was about to reply when the bell rang. Immediately the wave of students started to move towards the classrooms.

"Come on, if we go any slower we'll be late," Vic reminded us. All three of us made our way to the first class we had. Biology.

"Okay, class," Ms. Height began. "We will be visiting Professor Yumdar's science lab." The whole class cheered. It was the rare time we went on any field trip.

"And we will be gone for the whole day…" the science teacher continued. The cheering increased in volume.

"…But tomorrow you will all write a three hundred word essay on how important science is," Ms. Height finished pleasantly. Everyone groaned.

"Well, at least we won't have to go through P.E," Brian said brightly.

"Guess you're right," I agreed. To Brian and I, P.E was forty-seven minutes of torture and chaos. The only good parts were when we weren't in the gym. Even then, we were still in the presence of –

"Hey Byrdie Boy," I heard a familiar voice say. Well, speak of the P.E demon himself.

"What do you want, Baxter?" I asked flatly, turning around to face him.

"That essay?" Baxter asked. "You're gonna do it for me."

I sighed. 'When do you want it finished?"

"Before tomorrow ends."

"I do this, and I get protection in dodgeball?"

Baxter grinned, one of the worst visuals for a fourteen year old boy. "Maybe."

As Baxter walked off, I shuddered. Baxter was probably one of the worst human beings on the earth. He was your classic bully, picking on the lame. When he wasn't, Baxter was forcing the smarter kids to do his homework. His favorite target was, of course, me.

"You really should stand up to him," Vic commented, glaring at me.

I held up my hands. "Hey. I was blessed with brains, not strength."

"Besides, have you seen Baxter in the gym?" Brian asked. "That place is his lair."

Vic rolled her eyes. "You guys are pathetic."

I shook my head, letting the matter pass. Honestly, I wasn't in the mood.

"So, what do you think Professor Yumdar's field of study is?" Vic asked.

"Who cares?" Brian replied. "We're out of school for a day!"

"Even so," I added, "it's probably a chemical field. Who else would have a lab?"

"All scientists have labs, James," Vic retorted. I opened my mouth, but closed it. Didn't think of that one.

Every student of Ms. Height's first period class boarded the school bus. As the bus roared to life, the chatter began. Brian, Vic and I had found a nice place around the back.

"Have you ever heard of Professor Yumdar?" I asked. The name sounded new to me.

Vic shook her head. "No. This is the first time I've heard the name."

"Hmm." I looked out the window. Something didn't seem right. "Had anyone heard of him?"

"Ms. Height, probably," Brian suggested. "I should hope she knows about him, since she was the one who planned this."

"Yeah." I still couldn't shake the feeling, though. Oh well. Might as well leave Vic and Brian out of it.

The bus came to a stop. Everyone looked around curiously.

"Are we there already?" Brian asked. He looked around.

Confused myself, I looked out the window. "Um, not really…"

The bus driver opened the doors. He walked out of the bus. We heard him ask, "You alright, lad?"

Lad? Wait…was there someone on the road? I craned my neck to see around the side of the bus. Sure enough, there was a man there. He was on his knees, and he looked in pain.

"Guys, I'll be right back," I said distractedly.

"What – where are you going?" Vic asked. I didn't answer. Instead, I stood and made my way to the door.

Cautiously, I stepped out of the bus. There he was, on the road. The bus driver was beside him, trying to help.

"Hey…are you okay?" I asked, kneeling down beside him.

"The time has come," I heard him say. It sounded as if he had been eating gravel.

"I'm sorry?" I asked, befuddled.

"A new hero must meet him, and destroy him," he continued.

"Sir, are you alri- " I began, stretching a hand out to try and help the guy. Almost immediately he took it, turning to face me. His eyes were an unnatural white, his lips curled back in a snarl. His free hand gripped my head.

Instantly, visions flashed before my eyes. Three men in hoods. Tall, spindly things with clocks on chains around their necks. A group of people. Finally, a big explosion.

I groaned as the last vision faded. The man let go of me, allowing me to collapse onto the ground. I suddenly felt really tired, like I had ran a marathon.

"Oh my God!" the bus driver exclaimed. He took out his cell phone and dialed a number. "911? We need your right away!"

"Fi…" I muttered. "Get…Fi…"

"Yes, there's a fourteen year old boy here on the road," the bus driver continued. "He doesn't seem to be moving."

My head hit the ground softly, and I closed my eyes. Everything after that I couldn't remember.

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