My Dearest Bathroom

Oh, how have let me down. We were so intimate, so close and so dependable. You are my bathroom, the place, the sanctuary where I bath...However, I seem to bathing you more than me lately.

You're a mess, just a disaster waiting unfold. You never clean your pipes, never pick up after yourself and could use a real good airing out. I'm so fed up with you I actually thought of replacing you with an outhouse…Especially after that incident where you busted a pipe and made such a mess.

How could one small room make such a huge disaster? You literally pissed me off and when you leaked on the downstairs floor. I hope you are happy with yourself. Obviously you are, for once again you have a hair ball in the drain.

I'm really getting tired of you bathroom, always leaving towels about and that dreadful stain near the toilet rim. Not to mention that awful curtain hanging up.

Your bland, boring and moody, you swing from hot to cold. And I'm really sick and tired of you hiding my toothbrush on me. That has to stop. You're scummy, sticky, disgusting and smelly. Ya know, you could empty that trash once in a while too.

Oh bathroom, I spend all day cleaning you and the moment I walk away…You're just a disaster again. Seriously, how many bars of soap do you really need? How many bottles of shampoo can you actually use? You have more hair than me!

And why do you insist on blowing a bulb in the middle of the night? I'm always in the dark with you. My dearest bathroom, we really need a change here. A Jacuzzi would be nice. A make over would be in order.

Seriously bathroom, get your act together before I introduce you to Mr. Sledgehammer.