It's when you're living your life that you just don't understand how monumental some moments are. A simple goodbye could easily be the last thing you ever say to someone. The thing is we just want to think that way. For us, we just hope that no goodbye actually means goodbye. We want every goodbye to mean I'll see you tomorrow. But that's not always the case, and sometimes we don't even get the chance to say goodbye at all.

So now, long after, maybe you'll see like I see. Maybe we'll finally understand how our decisions affect us over the course of our short lives. Maybe for once we'll appreciate what we have instead of taking it for granted. Maybe we'll see who we are and who we were because of the people we loved.

For once I begin to see that the clouds have shapes that turn in shapes that turn into new shapes and continue on forever like that. Maybe we're like the clouds; constantly molding ourselves in the winds of this journey we call living. Maybe the clouds know something we don't know in how they can just keep moving forward.

In the end, I think I miss you more just because I didn't see it coming. I find myself wondering which moment was the monumental one I should have paid attention to. It's hard because every moment with you seemed so damn monumental. Every day we spent together becomes the best day of my life, and I didn't even realize that until you were long past gone.

So here's to listening, to watching, to loving. Here's to those moments that we constantly walk past without realizing they are most important moments of our lives. Here's to you and the love that you gave me.

Thank you.