Who is your first love? I'm not talking about the first time that you've been attracted to someone or the first time that you got into a relationship, but, the first time that you actually felt your whole world turn a full 360 because of someone. I'm talking about real love and not just a crush or an infatuation. The first true love that no matter what, no matter how many people you meet, you just can't seem to forget. They say that first loves are forever. Not many people believe that now, but it's actually true. It's just that there's a lot of confusion about who their first love really is because of the different types of emotions each individual may hold towards another. More often than not, a minor crush could be mistaken for love and the same could be said about other feelings that eventually develop into something akin to admiration and affection. If you had asked me when I was fifteen years old who my first love is, I probably would have answered with a different name… but now, I can say for certain that the first time that I really fell in love was when I was sixteen years old and my answer would be: Ianna Azalea Sky.

It was the summer before our senior year in high school when I first fell in love. Ianna and I have been dating for almost four months at that time and it was during that uneventful yet unforgettable summer weekend when I first realized that compared to my other past girlfriends, Ianna was truly the one. And to be honest, I thought I already was somehow in love with her before that day, but then I learned what love really was. I was completely blown away by the emotion.

She wasn't the prettiest girl, nor was she the smartest, but she was pretty and she was smart, not just at the level that would have made her popular. She wasn't someone you'd call simple although she was basically just an average girl. In her own way, she was special, but it takes a while for someone to actually see her charm. I wouldn't lie, at sixteen years old all I could think about was sex and I was just like most guys who wouldn't spend so much over something that we know we don't stand a chance at getting. I knew she liked me, so I asked her out and when we started dating, I also started getting lots of what I wanted. I wasn't her first, but it didn't really matter to me. All I cared about then was that I got sex whenever I wanted sex.

On the last weekend of our summer break before we entered our senior year in high school, I took her to the beach for some "romantic get-away", of course, my main objective then was to have sex with her day in and day out for the whole three days and I'm sure she already knew that, nevertheless she told me she was happy about it. The beach resort was six hours away from our city and we had to take the bus. We were about halfway through the long trip when boredom struck me. Most of the other passengers were asleep and so was she. Actually, she leaned her head on my shoulder and immediately dozed off the moment the vehicle started moving, I understood right then that she must've been up all night feeling excited about the trip while I, on the other hand, was just excited about the idea of the two of us getting wild and crazy on the beach.

I heard her moan lightly when I snaked a hand under the huge backpack she had on her lap and dug my fingers against the rough denim covering her crotch. Her thighs were tightly clenched together as she squeezed for comfort on her seat, and I knew I had to wake her up in order to play the game I had in mind. I pulled out my hand from under the bag and ran it tenderly through her hair as I gently called her name. I looked at her face and watched her open her eyes which immediately threw me a disapproving glare.

"No.", she snapped quietly, but she knew how persistent I get whenever she does that. I always tell her not to look at me that way when we were in public because it turns me on and she does it all the time just to tease me.

"Just a little, ok?", I said pulling her face towards me and planting a kiss on her lips.

Rolling her eyes, she sat up and uncrossed her legs, parting her thighs a little as she leaned back on the seat. I smiled triumphantly as I guided my hand back under the huge backpack which she secured above her lap with one hand. I loved the way she was able to fake her facial reaction. She would've made it really great as an actress. She pretended to watch the movie playing at the front of the bus while her hand clutched my arm, her nails biting in my flesh as I rubbed my fingers against her denim pants. I watched her face intently, wondering how long she could keep her pose, until she finally bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, trying very hard not to make any noise. I stopped and pulled out my hand and smiled at her sweetly when she opened her eyes and turned her head towards me with cheeks flushed and eyes glittering with shameful lust.

"I told you, just a little.", I teased and chuckled when she frowned. "I see. Well, I guess we'd just have to wait till we get to the next stop. But you'd have to keep me awake until then.", I said and she pouted.

"Oh, I don't need you at all.", she sneered, moving the backpack from her lap to mine and slipping her hand under, hiding her arm with the jacket I put over her shoulder earlier while she slept. "I just need Rain Jr. to stay up.", she giggled as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, slipped her hand inside my boxers and grabbed my ever lively member.

It was my turn to fake out an expression, I bit my lip and closed my eyes when I felt her soft, slightly cold hand wrap around my warmth as she squeezed gently. I, however, wasn't as talented as she was in acting and I prayed as I gasped huge gulps of air that the bus reaches a rest stop soon. That was probably one of the longest ten minutes of my life. When the bus finally reached the stop, I simply zipped my fly, grabbed Ianna and raced out of the bus and into a restroom stall where we worked on a quick release… one of the shortest five minutes of my life.