In a few weeks, I am marrying my first love. For most girls it would seem like a fairytale come true, but that is not my case. It's true that Julian was the first guy who ever made me learn the emotions involved with being in love, but my dreams of being with him ended a long time ago. It's true that first loves are unforgettable, and I never forgot about Julian; his name would always be imprinted in my mind as the first but in my heart there is someone else who'd left a mark so deep not even so many years could heal.

That someone asked me twelve years ago who my first love was and of course I told him it was Julian Hartford. If we see each other again and he asks me that very same question, I'd still give him the same answer, but I don't think that's the proper question to be asked of someone who's already twenty-eight and have had gone through a lot. Ask me not about my first love, but who my true love is and I will answer: Rainier John Winters. Ironically, he was my Summer Rain… and I don't think he even ever understood how much it really meant to me that we existed in the same era and space once upon a time.

It was near the end of summer of our sophomore year when I first met Rain. Actually, I think I've already seen him around school before that, but it was only then that I first noticed him… the first time that I perceived and really acknowledged his existence. Before that day I didn't even know his name and I didn't really care about his presence just like all those other human beings around. He was insignificant… Irrelevant to my subsistence… Who would have really thought that someone whom I've never even paid a second glance to could redefine my entire life just with that single random encounter? I sure as heck never saw it coming.

Thinking about it now, I suppose if I had just stayed home that day like I originally intended to I never would've met him and he would've just continued to be as inexistent as he was to me as everyone else… I never would've experienced such pain… I never would've gone through so much suffering, but if I never met him that day, I never would've known true love and I never would've learned simple bits of happiness that collectively could've filled my entirety. I was dead before I met him. The love, the joys and the pains I've shared with him fueled my life.